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Category: linux

05/30/12 10:28 - ID#56501

Beefy Miracle

I upgraded the hex-core box to Fedora 17 (code name Beefy Miracle) using preupgrade with no problems.

Update 05/31/12: I'm getting a kernel panic when I shutdown/reboot, see for a fix.

Update 05/31/12 Sound is broken. No solution yet

Update 06/01/12 Sound working. A known bug was a PAM permission problem that could be fixed by running authconfig --updateall . I also upgraded to a 3.4x ccrma kernel So it could be either or both.
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Category: linux

01/12/12 10:33 - ID#55897

Cobol Here I come

Based on conversations at (e:pmt)'s New Years party, being a dinosaur with some vague 30 year old course work in Cobol makes me somewhat marketable if I brush up on my Cobol coding skills.

Well, there is something called Open Cobol that is Cobol compiler that runs on linux. Fedora has it in it's repositories.

Hopefully, I can get it to work. And code, code, code my way into a new job.
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Category: linux

12/10/11 10:28 - ID#55692

I'm quite fond of Fedora 16

FWIW, I think it is better than Fedora 15. It's better for music production than Ubuntu Studio. Everything works. But, of course, I'm not trying to use R like my wee (e:sisteryn).

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Category: linux

11/30/11 10:17 - ID#55629

Success! Fedora 16

Quickest install ever. Everything works. Faster. Yay!! 64-bit Flash supported without wrapper.

Double Yay!
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Category: linux

02/20/11 09:39 - ID#53663

Fedora 14 First Impressions

Well, I installed Fedora 14 from the live cd a couple of days ago and real life got in the way. So I didn't really get a chance to play with it until today.

In terms of hardware, everything just works. But I expected that.

The default install creates a persistent home partition in a LVM partition scheme (that includes /boot). The installer did not recognise the Ubuntu partition. I had the option to edit the grub config that anaconda came up with but I decided not to. I reckoned I could always fart around with it later.

Ubuntu uses grub2 and Fedora still uses grub so adding Ubuntu to Fedora's boot menu wasn't as obvious as it could have been. I actually had to read some grub2 documentation. Egads!

The Fedora 14 splash and wallpaper image sucks. I think I vaguely remember (e:paul) complaining about it at some point. It's not a big deal because it is easy to change.

So far, so good. I'm planning installing planet ccrma which is the Fedora equivalent of Ubuntu Studio when time and tide let me.

I already like it better than Ubuntu 10.10

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Category: linux

12/10/10 09:59 - ID#53230

Zareason Hex-core Linux Box

After using Linux boxes almost exclusively for almost 10 years, I've finally done it. I've bought a Linux box instead of buying a Windows box and installing Linux on it.

I bought a Limbo 6000A with an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor and 6 gigs of RAM from Zareason . They custom build Ubuntu boxes. I ordered it with Ubuntu Studio.

When darkness was falling today, the UPS man delivered it.

And so far so good. I ordered it with a wireless card. And amazingly enough, it worked even though vanilla Ubuntu Studio doesn't support any wireless (apparently, wifi drivers affect latency. And latency is bad for audio and video production; so, no wireles for Ubuntu Studio)

My only complaint is that the /home doesn't have its own partition. I just took it for granted that it would. It's not a big deal to me to change it so. Not having a dedicated /home partition negates some of the flexibility of having a Linux Box. And a Linux newbie would probably be afraid of fucking up their box by changing the partition scheme. On the other hand, Windows users are used to having system and data files on the same partition.

The default settings are decent.

I think I'm going to have lots of fun with this box.

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