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Category: polish songs

01/21/11 10:52 - 11.ºF - ID#53472

W Sam Raz (The Right One)

Czesław Śpiewa (Czesław Sings) is one of my favie newish Polish artists. Like many Polish artists, his output is not easily defined in Western musical terms - there are elements of Polish folk music, cabaret and modern rock music.

Although he is Polish, he grew up in Denmark.

The song begins: "I dream to myself that we are in Seventh Heaven . . ,"

The chorus is
"They tell me to that your heart just wants to laugh
They tell me that that you want more,
what and why, that's what you get for you is the right one. "

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Category: polish songs

01/07/11 10:38 - 17.ºF - ID#53408

Piwko (A Beer)

It's Friday night and what could be more appropriate than a video celebrating man's eternal search for beer. Although come to think of it, this video is more about the morning after than it is about Friday night.

This one's by Kazik. It's a cover of a fake folk song. I'm feeling lazy. I'll give more details if anyone is interested.

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