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03/08/14 11:18 - ID#58772

Allstate doesn't love us.

Our insurance company, Allstate, is going to cancel, nay, strike that, non-renew (I don't understand the difference but all the Allstate people insist that it is important without actually telling me why) our home owners policy unless we complete what I think is completely unnecessary electrical work. Full disclosure, I was working apprentice electrician in my mis-spent youth. But that is what it is. Allstate says jump in the lake, we jump in the lake. Or find another insurance company.

So brothers and sisters and distant cousins, I beseech thee. Can you recommend a good electrician? And more importantly, can you recommend an insurance company and/or an independent insurance agent that is willing to insure 100+ year old homes on Buffalo's west side?

Please and Thank you
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