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08/01/05 10:18 - 84ºF - ID#27684

Knitting and Moving to MA

Two days ago I found some really pretty multi-colored blue yarn so I started knitting a scarf. It's about 6 inches long so far and it looks good. I forgot how much I like to knit. It's really relaxing and I love making things from scratch. Here's what my scarf looks like so far.


The colors in the last picture didn't come out so well, so here's what the yarn looks like up close. Isn't it pretty!


So tomorrow I'm going to be starting the big move to Cambridge. My mom and I are going to drive up to Schenectady, where all of my belongings are in storage, then load a Uhaul and bring them to my new apartment in MA. After that we're coming back to Buffalo since I'm not actually going to live there until September. I'm really excited to see what the apartment looks like since my roommate picked it out and did all the work for us. I'm nervous too though, since I haven't ever even been to Cambridge and this is where I am going to be living from now on. I'm going to take pictures of my apartment and hopefully post them when I get home. It's going to be a long couple days of driving back and forth to Boston, ugh, at least I can knit in the car :) . Have a good middle of the week everyone!

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07/29/05 08:34 - 75ºF - ID#27683

Me, a party girl? I think not.

Last night was a super fun night out with (e:mike)! We hit a lot of clubs and were extremely social on our night to "meet people." Without (e:beast) and (e:jill) I'm afraid (e:mike) is becoming an alcoholic, and am I becoming a party girl?, definitely not, but (e:mike) is an alcoholic! Although I don't have any pictures of from last night, I do have ones from when (e:mike), (e:mk), and I went to Frizzy's two weeks ago. I'm really not sure what we're doing in most of them, but it was a really fun night out. Enjoy!


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06/30/05 04:23 - 89ºF - ID#27682

Summer Days

Life in Buffalo for the summer is always something I look forward to when I'm away and am bitterly disappointed by when I'm experiencing it. Although it's really nice to be in my house and with my mom and friends, I'm really bored when I'm not in school. I going to get a job so that I'm not so bored for the next couple doesn't start until mid-September so this is only the beginning. Good thing I have (e:Mike), (e:MK), and (e:Jessbob) (for the time being) to hang out with. I definitely need to make an effort to be more social this summer. I don't push myself enough in that respect and I think it's time for me to work on that. (e:Mike), it's time for you to work on that too. Let me know if I need to make any calls from your phone for you.

There is a bit of exciting news to tell. I got an apartment in Cambridge for the year. It's so perfect, it's right in Harvard Square just a couple blocks from my school so I don't have to commute. It seems expensive but the girl I'm going to live with did a lot of searching and found the best price for us. I can't wait to live Cambridge, it will be such a departure from Schenectady! I'm getting a little nervous about my grad school program, but every time I start to freak out I go to the website and read all the course offerings and everything and I feel really happy again (I know I'm such a dork).

I don't have too much to tell. I'm sure I won't have anything to post about before the 4th so I hope everyone enjoys the fireworks.

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06/20/05 09:51 - ID#27681

Pop Vs. Soda Site

Check this out:

It's so funny that someone would bother to poll poeple on whether they say "pop" or "soda." I think the interactive map is really cool. I always thought us "pop"ers were the minority but it seems we may not be. Although I have to admit, this hardly seems unbiased...just check out the Conclusion. At any rate, put down your info and be represented.
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04/12/05 11:46 - ID#27677


It's been a while since i updated my journal last, but things have been mighty busy. I returned from Atlanta, GA for a psychology conference (the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development). This is the first conference that I ever presented my research at so I was really nervous. I travelled and stayed with a prof a don't know that well but we got along great. I really like her company and I hope that I will be like her some day. We talked about all sorts of personal things and I felt pretty close to her by the end. I'm really lucky to have had so many good mentors while I've been at Union.

Anyway, the conference was exciting. I was the only one taking pictures. I met a bunch of "famous" psychologists (clearly no one besides me would think they are famous) and some impressive people actually sought out my research. I was terrified that people would ask me questions and I wouldn't be able to answer them, but I was able to talk to everyone. Most of the people were so supportive and interested- except one person. She came up to me and asked "so, what's the point?" I asked what she meant and she replied "well, I mean, why??" I was stumped. That was a low point, but otherwise all went well.

On the upside, I got to meet Arnold Sameroff and Robert cool!!

Oh yeah, I got to wear a badge!

My poster:

Grad school decisions must be made by this Friday. I'll keep you updated...maybe.

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04/03/05 01:28 - ID#27676

decisions, decisions, decisions

So I got into a couple of grad schools and I am really happy. I had my fingers crossed that I would be accepted to one school, so having a choice is really something I never expected. Now I have to decide where I want to spend the next 5 years of my life. It seems surreal to make a decision that involves so much time and so many variables that I couldn't possibly predict. But still, that is what I have to do. I know that if it really doesn't work out I can always leave or transfer to someplace else. Anyway, now it's time make a choice...then I can start worrying myself crazy about actually going to grad school.
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03/17/05 12:30 - ID#27675

Happy Birthday Jill

[size=l]Happy Birthday Jillian Marie!!!

Sorry I can't be there to celebrate, but I hope you have a fantastic day :D [/size]
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03/14/05 01:15 - ID#27674


(e:Mike) I love you. I want you to know that you are really important to me. My life would not be the same without you. I know it doesn't seem true since I've been away at school, but you really are so important. You were the first (and so far only) person I have called since I've been home. When you came to visit me at school I suddenly felt so much more at home, even though I have been living there for three years. I know that I am not fun and I don't go out much so it's me saying this doesn't make you feel better and I'm sorry. But just know that if you ever need someone to talk to or hang out with, I'm here for you.
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03/10/05 08:33 - ID#27673

View of ElmwoodStrip


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03/06/05 03:25 - ID#27672

Stupid Crappy Desk

Okay, this may seem like just another silly excuse for why I am incapable of doing work but I HATE MY DESK! It is the worst possible set-up to do work on. First of all, it is made for left handed people. The drawers and everything are on the left. That means I have to situate my computer on the right half and all of my papers on the left. It's so annoying because I can't write anything while I am sitting in front of my computer. Furthermore, it is uneven. It wobbles up and down, and not by a little either- by A LOT. I have put things under the legs but they get kicked out or something and so the wobbling continues. My printer doesn't even fit on my desk so I have to put it on top of my dresser. I know it's not really worth complaining about but it's annoys me so much when I am trying to do work and I don't have a place to put anything.

At home I have a wonderful desk. The printer is in a little drawer and all my papers can fit on either side. Even when I lived in the dorms I had a better desk than now. They were great. Come to think of it, I want one of the those. I should see where they get them from. The only problem with replacing my craptastic desk is that I live on the third floor. Moving anything in or out of my apartment is such a huge pain. I should just stick it out intil June when I get out of here to avoid the hassle. Ugh...
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