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10/24/04 01:28 - ID#27657


I just wrote a very long post but now it is gone :(

Basically all it said is that I really like my little Lia. I went into explaining how bigs and littles work in my sorority but I am too annoyed to do it all over again. Maybe tomorrow. Here is the picture of Lia that I included before I lost everything:


Bye for now. Take care everyone!
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10/19/04 01:02 - ID#27656

Falling Apart

My thesis is falling apart. I picked something too complicated and now it is falling apart. I need to use the same children I studied 18 months ago when I did my Scholar's Project, only now they are impossible to find. I guess this is why longitudinal studies are not common. In my old study I used 3 schools, one public and two private. Now the two private schools that I called only have two of the children I used still enrolled...2!!!! How did that happen? Do that many children change schools? I guess maybe I was unaware of this because I always went to a public school but this seriously puts in a kink into my thesis. Also, it is freakin impossible to get public schools to agree to anything. There is so much bureaucracy in the system. I agree that schools should be highly selective about who they allow to interact with the children. However, if you're gonna say no do it within a month, ditto for yes. I mean I can't wait around a year. Only one committee has to read my proposal, what takes so long!? I am just concerned at this point that my project might never come to fruition and that would be heartbreaking. I mean I guess it doesn't matter that much at this point because no one else is going to see it. I am not going to be done with it when I apply to grad school or anything but I honestly just wanted to do it for myself. I am very attached to this and I don't want to see it fail.
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10/13/04 04:33 - ID#27655

Me and the Boys

Every Tuesday night I go to a meeting of 13 fraternity brothers. It's called the Intrafraternal Council and my sorority is the only one on campus who is part of if because we can't be part of the council for sororities (it's confusing and not really important why). Anyway, it's a really strange and intimidating experience that I have grown to enjoy.

The council has no faculty members on it and I am basically lumped in with the guys so I really get to experience fraternity brothers in their purest form. Let me tell you, it's not pretty. A lot of the time i feel like I am at a meeting for organized crime. The discussion generally centers around how to break the alcohol policies without getting caught or how to cover up vandalism. I have met with millions of slurs, swear words, and gestures imitating masturbation. Are guys really like this all the time? I am probably just very naive and therefore have no idea what it's really like to be around fraternity brothers since I never go to fraternities but still I am surprised.

I am also surprised that these guys are generally pretty smart. I never really stereotyped them as stupid but I am impressed by the many different ways they think of to screw with the school and other people on campus. It's not that I approve but more that my eyes are opened a bit wider.

While I'm on the subject of approving, I have to mention that I often leave these meetings (where generally my only contribution is to give them an update on the service projects we are doing that week) and ask myself whether it is just as wrong to watch people plan to do something bad and not do anything to stop it as it is to commit the crime itself. I don't want to seem overdramatic, I am obviously not witnessing people plan a murder but sometimes I do wonder if people are going to get hurt in someway by these guys and their irresponsible ways. I know that I am going to sound like a puritan but I honestly believe the alcohol policies at my school are to help people from getting hurt. They don't say people can't drink but they do limit the amount frats are allowed to be dispensing. Girls go to the hospital every week from frat parties where they violated the alcohol policies and then on Tuesday they come into the meetings and talk about how to protect themselves from punishment by the school. Sometimes I feel like an I should try to do something. I guess I fall to peer pressure. I feel intimidated but that's no excuse. What are they going to do if I speak up, call me names or argue with me? I should be more assertive next time.

Ahhh, sometimes simple things are complicated I guess.

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10/06/04 07:32 - ID#27654

So Much To Do!

It's been a long time since I updated my journal. I think I am going to start allowing myself to write short entries, that way I will feel like I have time to start one. Anyway, the past couple weeks have been hectic. I working on my thesis which is proving to be more difficult than I expected. Basically I have to convince schools to allow me to bring a college student in and have 15 minutes with 4th grades one on one during school. Oh yeah, and I need to videotape it. Not that easiest task as most schools are extremely hestitant to allow their children to be videotaped or taken out of class. Thank God for private schools. Not that they don't care as much, but usually I only need to convince the principal, not the entire district office.

Besides thesis stuff I have been super busy planning a fundraiser. We are having a Monopoly tournament on November 6th to benefit a non-profit that takes care of children in Schenectady, a very worthy cause. We're expecting teams from 10 area colleges, all in all about 350 people. Trying to get money for food, donations of prizes, and all the other stuff is crazy. This is by far the bigger undertaking than I thought. Hopefully it will work out. I'll keep you posted.

Last of all there is the neverending grad school process. I am not feeling too good about this whole application thing. I sat down to try to formulate a resume yesterday and I realized that I have nothing to put on it. That's not going to make me very desireable. Furthermore, I just don't know when I am going to have time to look at schools, write essays, and get all the info together. And then there is the Psych still my beating heart. Basically I am not sure where all the time is going to come from. I guess it's not going to come from me writing in my journal...oops. Oh well, I need a break sometimes!

Take care!!
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