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06/30/05 04:23 - 89ºF - ID#27682

Summer Days

Life in Buffalo for the summer is always something I look forward to when I'm away and am bitterly disappointed by when I'm experiencing it. Although it's really nice to be in my house and with my mom and friends, I'm really bored when I'm not in school. I going to get a job so that I'm not so bored for the next couple doesn't start until mid-September so this is only the beginning. Good thing I have (e:Mike), (e:MK), and (e:Jessbob) (for the time being) to hang out with. I definitely need to make an effort to be more social this summer. I don't push myself enough in that respect and I think it's time for me to work on that. (e:Mike), it's time for you to work on that too. Let me know if I need to make any calls from your phone for you.

There is a bit of exciting news to tell. I got an apartment in Cambridge for the year. It's so perfect, it's right in Harvard Square just a couple blocks from my school so I don't have to commute. It seems expensive but the girl I'm going to live with did a lot of searching and found the best price for us. I can't wait to live Cambridge, it will be such a departure from Schenectady! I'm getting a little nervous about my grad school program, but every time I start to freak out I go to the website and read all the course offerings and everything and I feel really happy again (I know I'm such a dork).

I don't have too much to tell. I'm sure I won't have anything to post about before the 4th so I hope everyone enjoys the fireworks.

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06/20/05 09:51 - ID#27681

Pop Vs. Soda Site

Check this out:

It's so funny that someone would bother to poll poeple on whether they say "pop" or "soda." I think the interactive map is really cool. I always thought us "pop"ers were the minority but it seems we may not be. Although I have to admit, this hardly seems unbiased...just check out the Conclusion. At any rate, put down your info and be represented.
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