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06/22/04 06:13 - ID#27630

Damn Conformity

I feel like all truly bad confessions start like this but... I swore I was a person who would never have a live journal. It's not really that I think they are such a bad idea or even that I thought I wouldn't really enjoy keeping one, but I saw it more as a contradiction. The thought of a person keeping a public journal just seems isn’t the point of a journal to be private, to have no one else’s opinions to worry about. I always thought live journals would inevitably lead to insincerity in what a person was writing. I guess this isn't really true for all people but I was (and sort of still am) fairly sure it would be for me. In any case, I have fallen to peer pressure and started one. I can't avoid it any longer because it seems that all of my friends near and far have one. In a time when I don't get to see the people I love quite as often as I'd like to I guess it just seems practical and kind of fun. Hopefully my preconceived notions about live journals will turn out to be wrong. Either way, I have conformed which is something that I have always prided myself in not doing. At least I can say the thing I broke down on wasn’t sex, drugs or that fast life…just a live journal.
I will try to update this baby as often as would make it entertaining and no more than that…God knows my life is not exciting enough to maintain anyone’s interest daily. We’ll see how it goes. For now take care and I will fill you in more later.

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