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Category: good times

10/09/08 10:49 - 61ºF - ID#46014

Very important pix for you.

Two fun pics for you....
First, what I have so far for a label on my 2nd beer.

And Ralphie in his little shirt that I hemmed for him.
Hand hemmed. Thats right bitches, felly can sew.
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10/09/08 09:26 - 60ºF - ID#46012


i just woke up after having a dream that I was setting up a 22 line business deal, because I got too excited in the dream from all the commission I was going to make.

I work even in my sleep.
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10/07/08 10:50 - 50ºF - ID#45985


i am an estrip stalker.

Today I secured Saturday, Nov. 1st off. Which means I get Oct 31st off. Which means I get to come to halloween @ pmt! Sweet!

I also may be going to some black tie affair at the delaware mansion with a friend in lieu of her boyfriend who will be working. What does a big dyke such as myself wear to a black tie affair? A tuxedo? Seriously?

a month ago my mother informs me that her kidneys have failed due to the fact that they are chocked full o stones - they are at 7% function and that she needs to begin dialysis. When she went to get the dialysis tubes in, she was up to 10%.

Yesterday her kidneys were at 20%. The doctors are shocked and confused as to how her kidneys are recovering.They have never experienced this and are confused to whats happening.

My brother got back surgery, wherein 3 of his disks that were fused together were separated, and 2 fake disks were inserted, as well as a few metal rods. He was so excited that he could actually throw a ball for the first time in 8 years. He is no longer on 150m morphine patches and can stand completely straight.

My life has been so odd lately....
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10/02/08 12:27 - 53ºF - ID#45892

dr. evil

SO I drove all the way out to Holland for my Dr.'s appointment, against my better judgment.

I get there and sign in. Or TRY to sign in. They have no record of me.

Oh, Dr. Patel? she moved her office over a year ago!

Its now in Olean! BITCHES!

Apparently, you should not rely on the information given on Univera's 'find a doctor' service.

Next question is...

Anybody know of a general practice doctor in BUFFALO that is accepting new patience that also takes Univera? I am irritated with this whole 'choose your own PCP' because I DON"T KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE WHEN YOU DON"T GIVE ME PROPER INFO!

augh. I'm fine. Really.
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10/02/08 09:10 - 48ºF - ID#45887

doctor's and beers

I made a doctor's appointment a few weeks ago. Had no Idea with who or where. I know, brilliant, eh?

So this morning I track down the Dr. And find that I have apparently made an appointment in Holland, NY. I'm sure I'm driving to Holland for a doctor. I'm trying to figure out if I care enough to go.

Also, one of my bottles of beer exploded while I was carbonating them. Apparently. The cooler was full of beer that was not in the bottle and I was sad for losing another.
(e:Drew)- How many of those 1 liter bottles do you have exactly? I'm down one, and after over watering my last batch I think Ill be short on bottles.

i have an amazing idea for a halloween costume, but no idea on how to pull it off.
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09/29/08 08:08 - 55ºF - ID#45833

tea thoughts!

We went to wasabis last night and they served this tea that was so intriguing. I think i drank about 10 of those little cups of it. Literally, we were there for a while...

Anyway - it tasted like sesame. Like if you were to cook water, it might taste like this. Of course I didn't think to ask, and I probably wouldn't have understood her anyways.

Discussion said that it could have been toasted rice tea. Or just sesame oil in hot water. Any thoughts?

oh and PS you all missed a bitchin battle. Well except (e:heidi), who had a damn good time. I think.

Also we went to Ohm lounge and it seemed to be 'hip hop night' or more specifically.... grown and sexy night.

good times except for the rats runnin around on the patio.
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09/27/08 05:06 - 74ºF - ID#45809

me? out? on the town?

we are heading to gabriel's gate around 630 this evening for a couple drinks/bar appetizer food before we head over to battle @ buffalo.

Its one of (e:lauren) and i's few outings these days... so if anyone is interested, we will be there till 8.

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09/24/08 07:07 - 52ºF - ID#45780


I need some help finding a place to meet up with some coworkers.

I'm looking for a place with an abundance of finger/appetizer food that isn't all greasy, and includes vegetarian options.

The place needs to be comfortable. Ideally it would be like the couch area at spot coffee. But spot coffee doesn't have big soft chairs. or any degree of privacy whatsoever.

We would like to hang out for hours. And chat. Wine would be nice.

A couple of thoughts had occurred to me. There is an Ethiopian restaurant in Toronto that includes a) sitting on floor and b) eating with hands. but its also c) in Toronto and d) spicy food.

There is also the melting pot - which would be great except for the price tag that I believe is attached to it.

So. That all being said. Any thoughts?
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09/21/08 09:35 - 62ºF - ID#45746


not much of an update, but here we go...

I'm working on a documentary right now, and the details are rather vague and I won't dull your sunday morning minds with them... Lets just say its about community activism in buffalo...

I am looking for some music from local bands for the background. I'm interested in all kinds of music, I just need some music on a cd and your permission to use it in a little indie documentary.

anyone know of anyone?

i'm so stressed out that my shoulders/neck hurt. I think its all getting better slowly...

The neigbor guys are starting to boot cars that are not residents. Its kind of funny actually. There was apparently an incident the other night with an absolutely wasted girl throwing money at travis and screaming about her mercedes. damn i wish i saw that.

Ok off to work. Then a solstice party.
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09/15/08 08:29 - 60ºF - ID#45684

update from discordia

THank you Heidi for fixing my computer! it runs soooo fast!

Went to a redneck weddin last weekend. the centerpiece on the tables were actually empty jack daniel bottles. The weddin party rolled in on ATVs with a big sign on the back 'gettin hitched'

then there was the drunken sledding/racing down the sledding hill in the rain. that could have been sooooo bad but it wasn't.

all in all a good time.

time to get back to work...
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