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Category: randomo

03/17/08 08:29 - 18ºF - ID#43700

prophets and revelry

Okay after hearing all the yelling and commotion yesterday I have to say that next year i will definetely be out enjoying st. paddy's day...

I spent the day catching up on chores and painting. Which was nice. in fact i think i spent about 4 hours painting.

Put aside my book on aliens and multidimensions finally as my brain hurt and slowed to a drizzle every time i attempted to make sense of it.

I finally picked up my book on the readings of "Edgar Cayce" the crazy prophet of the early 1900s. Its interesting to read some of his predictions (Nebraska will be the west coast by 2100) but the thing I really have to push through is that he was extremely religious and since he lived around the turn of the century I have to pick through it to understand. He speaks as if he were reading directly from a Bible, if the Bible discussed the bombing of pearl harbor.

Ah well.. hopefully this will go better than the last book. I do think I should be reading more...

okay off for some stretching and, yes... work.
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Category: good eats

03/16/08 11:56 - 33ºF - ID#43688

cheating with thai food

i'm taking baby steps here...

we have been getting the 'thai kitchen' stuff from wegmans.

Thai kitchen

and decided it was time to try and make it myself.

but not really since I just bought the premade peanut sauce and some rice noodles. kind of lame cop out but whatever...

but looking at peanut sauce recipes - it doesn't look too difficult... so I guess i'll try that at some point...

but really i have a strong desire to make my own spinach pasta... it actually looks kind of easy... we will see...
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03/15/08 10:27 - 33ºF - ID#43685

mind power

My sales have been down lately at work... not a good thing when I made such a great impression for my first six months on the job... so today on my way into work... i got excited for how much money i was going to make. I really got excited and beleived that i was going to put the store over $1000 GP for the day (a rare occurance for the store I was going to)

lo and behold? $1,300 GP. My portion being over $900. It was a damn fine day. Now I just need to keep with it.

Now some of you might say that 'positive thinking' is corny and coincidental and blah blah blah... but i have to say that 9 times out of 10... when i decide something is going to happen and i really believe it and feel the emotions of how great that thing is - it happens. i mean on typical stuff not like winning the lottery and whatnot.

I used to do this a lot for parking spaces. Yes i know.... parking spaces. I worked in a mall and expecially during the holidays it was HELL. But then Imagine going to the Palisades Mall (huge mall just north of NYC) on the week before christmas and deciding that I would have a spot within 5 spaces of the handycap parking and getting the 5th spot exactly. On two separate occasions. And in the mall that I worked at it would happen all the time...

So anyway, point of the story... I am focusing on this sort of additude as much as I possibly can. Getting my sales through the roof.... Its going to be great...

Has anyone seen the secret?
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Category: good times

03/13/08 09:15 - 21ºF - ID#43649

days off as an afterthought

Yesterday I went to work only to discover that I didn't need to go to work today. Yeah I drove all the way to Lockport and found out that the schedule didn't have me on it. Vacation day!

But I guess it was not a total waste. I went to Niagara Produce and gassed up at Smokin Joes. Not that the gas I spent on driving up there didn't overturn the savings, but whatever.

I spent like 3 hours painting. I Love how time flies when i'm focusing all my attention on a canvas. I also love painting abstractly - its very meditative. Very serene. As (e:lauren)'s pompous ex told me once "abstract art is the only true art" (blah blah blah)... I should probably erase that before she reads it.

I got upset later when I didn't put my headphones away while i was doing other stuff. When I came back to them my asshole cat ate through the wires. Seriously... he is like a teething puppy! Asshole.

Dance class... Now officially Wednesdays and Fridays. And heather has officially begun to push me and yell at me as I asked her to. Dammit why did i do that? getting into shape hurts.

i (e:mrmike) comment about jobs at the zoo. I reeaaally wish i could have that as a part time job. I loves me some zoo!
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Category: randomo vacation

03/12/08 09:26 - 32ºF - ID#43633


last night (e:lauren) and I purchased two train tickets to Florida.

This is an extremely big deal for us because A) I've never been on a plane, B) I freak out when making big purchases and C) (e:lauren) gets nervous on flights.

ok flor ida? I'm meeting my friends there. It would not have been my choice to be honest with you, but oh well. But seriously - what this actually means is that my flight leaves in 7 weeks and 2 days and there needs to be some sort of preparation.. yup you heard it right, 'preparation'.

this involves not eating after 9.
no more sweets.
no more eating out.
no more 3 hours of tv a night.
water water water!
No more relying on carbs as my major form of food.
Veggies Veggies Veggies!

Its going to be just dandy I tell you. Dandy. Also I am going to create the possibility of not being miserable.

On a side note... my friend Steven from NP asked me to post a photo on here of him in a lime green thong with a puddy tat on it. But i seem to have lost the photo. ah well...

Another side note: I have somethin weird going on with my eye. my right eye feels itchy. it looks like there is a bump on the inside of thelid and its red and gross lookin...
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Category: randomo vacation

03/11/08 08:46 - 23ºF - ID#43618


Photodump from my poor quality camera phone from our lovely trip!
This was our room that we got to stay at for free on night one and three...
Its the pretty in pink room...

This was kind of a family reunion of sorts... here is Erin from NYC, Alexis from Philly and (e:lauren) from Buffalo.

This is the attempt at creating a cheerleading pyramid. I don't know why.

Here we have my good friend Wazina, becoming Snakelady.

and her partner Jess, caught mid chowdown...

On Sunday we woke up in Tillson to find out that all roads that led back to New Paltz were completely flooded.
which resulted in us having to drive about 20 miles north to kingston and then 30 miles down the thruway to New Paltz. Yeah we were only about 10 miles out of town. flooding is one thing i don't miss about new paltz.

More to follow.
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Category: randomo vacation

03/08/08 10:47 - 25ºF - ID#43582

the view from way down here

A brief but fabulous post from the land of Die Pfalz! Or as the locals like to call it.... New Paltz!

We are staying at the most luxurioius bed and breakfast in town - the Lefevre House Bed and Breakfast!


We are staying in the Pretty in Pink room. Figures, eh? we are sooooo gay.

Well my friend, Jessica, is the manager. So as a thank you to her I have been doing the dishes this morning from the 3 course gourmet breakfast while she is doing a wedding consultation for a lesbian couple that is planning their commitment ceremony. Yes, the Lefevre House Bed and BReakfast does weddings. And Wedding consultations! In fact, remember all them big homo weddings that were in the news a few years ago? The ones in New Paltz? Well after the mayor's initial set of ceremonies, the rest of them all came right here to the B&B. What a dandy little piece of homo history, huh?

It has been raining here... since the moment we arrived actually. In fact, we will probably will not be able to head up to the mountains as planned today, because the flood plain that you have to cross before getting to the mountains will probably be inundated. oh well.

allright i'm off to finish the dishes and go wake up (e:lauren). Hope all is swell and dandy!

OH and (e:drew) - in case you were wondering we realized that the cats would be fine with several bowls of food left out for them. No worries for you! thanks you much tho!!!

peace love and hippyness
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03/06/08 07:40 - 28ºF - ID#43564

health is important i guess

I think I am interested in joining a gym.

here is the part about gyms that I don't like

a) they are ridiculously expensive
b) they require EFT. I Hate EFT. With passion.
c) they are constantly trying to meet their quotas...
ie: "Do you have any friends that are interested in making life changing fitness decisions?"

"How about if you sign up for 18 years? Wouldn't that be dedication?"

d) contracts or you pay even MORE! look i'm lazy. i very well might be extremely sick of you and working out within a month. a week even!

which leads me to

e) the me factor. I'm lazy. I don't follow through on things. I do things a couple times and then think... eh.. screw this... so i need somebody to ride my ass. RIDE my ass.. Come on lets go tot he gym! come on lets go! lets go! NO YOU ARE GOING!!!

yeah... thats exactly what i need.
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03/05/08 10:00 - 25ºF - ID#43560

take me away!

i always START to comment on peoples stuff and then run out of time and i think.... i should post instead! but yeah... then i don't have time to post either...

we watched night at the museum last night and i enjoyed it. the kind of light hearted silly comedy that makes me smile without making me become irritated at poor acting and production. score...

i wonder what is next on my netflix queueueue? how do you spell that anyway?

apparently my friends back in new paltz are getting committed! my first committed friends. cool.

i really want to see 10,000 BC by the way. Like seriously. Hey you think its playing at IMAX? woaaah that would be sweet.
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Category: good times

03/02/08 08:45 - 24ºF - ID#43526

i was going to post something funny but.

Once again posting instead of gettin ready for work...

(e:jim) - where is the video you said you buried with the cubicles? retracted margarita assignment!

Had an awesome time last night. We had a great time dining on sausages and asparagas and more importantly - the dead body lentils. mmm nothing says lovin like the previous house guests in the oven!

Incidentally I updated my broken link down below - so (e:drew) can see Cheri Oteri as I know he is so want to do.

Tonight when I get home from work I believe i will paint. (E:lauren) better be busy with schoolwork! i've got a hankerin!

oh and because she didn't post the right one...

Okay NO MORE VIDEOS today... i promise
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