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Category: randomo

02/29/08 08:44 - 9ºF - ID#43505

p to the r to the o to the c to the....

procrastination: me sitting here when i should probably be on my way to work at my aunt's warehouse...

Today the mailperson should be delivering my latest netflix dvd... this one is one that (e:lauren) is not really interested in at all...

SNL the Best of Cheri Oteri!

Okay i have been looking to watch this for a long time. it has been on the back of my mind and BAM there it is staring at me in my recommended section of my Netflix account... so why not?


And then hopefully tonight i will be able to begin painting. day off.

ok ok ok fine i'll go get dressed and head off to work. BOO!
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Category: randomo

02/28/08 09:54 - 9ºF - ID#43493

an actual post

ah yes another pointless post by yours truly...

in a week and a half (e:lauren) and i will be heading on down to new paltz again for vacation. i love my vacation weekends in new paltz. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to deal with the crazies that are my friends. but i guess then there is always the joy of driving home!

i have a fat $20 bill and a stack of cookies to the first person who wants to come over and fill up the kitties food bowl while we are gone. simple job and i'll be taking resumes throughout the week.

whatelse... letssseeee here... ooo i got an easel! i'm very excited for this - and i intend to start painting again soon! (e:jbeatty) actually inspired me to do so after commenting on my paintings at (e:lauren)'s party....i'm waiting really for a moment when i'm not working, or watching my programs or breakdancing or....etc...

speaking of breakdancing... i have a week and a half to get myself to a position where i can show a few moves to my friends when i go visit. i don't feel confident in my ability to spin around on my back...

also - we watched a big lesbian movie the other day. it was about a young catholic school girl who had a crush on her teacher. she kept tormenting her teacher.. hitting on her... hittin on her... teacher is all like.. nooooooo no nonono and then finally gives in.

and then the teacher gets arrested.

end movie.


but the funny part was the outtakes in the part where the student sends the teacher flowers. Instead of the card reading some sort of cute little lovey poetry it read something like 'hey wanna have lesbian sex in the rectory' or something like that... i cracked up laughing...
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02/25/08 02:52 - 30ºF - ID#43456

party with the guests

What a weekend....

Saturday nights battle rocked! we had a damn good time and followed it up with a trip to Roxy's. Good times for all! i danced, though poorly i believe....

Sunday i took my out of town guest out to see buffalo. Really this consisted of walking up and down elmwood and then driving around downtown and then sitting in Dunkin Donuts for several hours. It was good times... up all night introducing her to the Harry Potter movies. I only showed her one, but i think that is sufficient to hook her... hehe i'm evil.

Dropped her off this morning at the airport.

Now i am sitting at work. bored out of my mind because though i've been here since 10 i have only sold a headset. This is also my loooooong day as i'm here till 830. did i mention that i've been up since 6? boo. is it seriously only 3? I am only halfway through my day at work... seriously... boooooo!

i'm hoping for lots of business around the 4-6 time when people are getting out of work. i need to find someplace to take a nap.
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Category: good times

02/23/08 10:21 - 24ºF - ID#43433

oh friday into saturday

(e:drew) you have my asian noodles in the back of your truck!

had a good time irritating all the ladies who wanted our parking spaces.

got a hair cut

picked up friend from airport.

had one beer and got a headache from it...

watched a 3 hour movie about victorian lesbians. had that chick who played umbridge in harry potter. it made my stomach hurtlooking at her.

at work now... weeeeehoo!

tonight is the battle people! then we are going out to roxy's if anyone is interested.
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Category: good times

02/22/08 10:11 - 22ºF - ID#43424


I am picking up a guest from the airport tonight. She will be in town for the weekend.
tomorrow i have to work all day and then we have the battle at buffalo! then maybe out? who knows...
and i think on sunday i'm going to go to the psychic fair.
what an exciting weekend!

today i have to get a haircut. ssseerriously...
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Category: randomo bitching

02/17/08 12:45 - 40ºF - ID#43371

let me complain first, then i'll thank u

ok i have to complain about my printer for a second...

Yes i found the HP photosmart d7160 at target for half price last year. But wow the pictures were beautiful! And what is even better, it has separate ink cartridges so if you run out of one color, you don't have to replace all of it, just what you need!

and then.

so lauren needs to print out a lot of papers for school. She prints them out in black ink only. BLACK INK ONLY! so why oh WHY does it continuously tell me that we need cyan or magenta or whatever the hell color it thinks is neccesary to print BLACK INK ONLY documents??? How the hell does 'BLACK INK ONLY' mean "black and cyan and magenta and fucking blue?" seriously? what is wrong with this picture?

okay yes i can see if she is printing documents that appear to be just black text, that for a full and rich text that just pops out of the page at you, a bit of yellow might make that text just kinda pop out at you, right? fuck you!

now the fucked up part is that if you get too low it will tell you that it can't print anymore whatsoever. how the hell are you going to tell me that i cannot print my BLACK INK ONLY documents when i run out of cyan?

  • * *

On another note... last night was awesome guys! I had such a great time, and finally got to meet (e:lilho), (e:joshua) and (e:jason), and also (e:enknot) from something other than across the room! I do have to apologize that planet earth ate my brain for such a long period of time. you guys need to start charging admission for them shits!

Thanks for the great adventure once again (e:peeps)!
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02/16/08 01:48 - 22ºF - ID#43360

poor house

well today i found out that my father and brother lost their jobs on valentines day.

apparently the company that they work for just closed the doors on them. They didn't even know until my sister in law (who works for the bank) was informed that she should not cash checks from that particular company. They were bouncing. A few inquiries later and... oh by the way, you don't have a job anymore.

Now my brother will probably find a job. But my father is about to turn 60 in a few months. Who is interested in hiring a 60 year old mechanic? not many people. its so sad i don't know what he is going to do.

It scares me to think about how horrid this economy is getting. I mean out of my nuclear family (parents, 3 brothers and myself) there are only two of us working now. And my brother is pretty sure that his plant is getting shut down soon as well.

How bad is this going to get?

I think that they made all the border crossings to Canada more difficult because they knew that half the population would be interested in ditching this stupid country, like I am right now.
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02/16/08 08:02 - 12ºF - ID#43356


here i am once again... playing on the computer when i should seriously be getting ready for work.

we got our refund check which meant we bought some things we normally wouldn't at wegmans last evening. even went for rice milk and TWO different kinds of protein/whole foods shakes. wowsers!

typing 'wowsers' just then reminded me of my old housemate steven and it made me miss him.

i had several things i was going to post about, but of course as soon as i go to do so, my mind goes a bit fuzzy.

well at any rate... i'm excited for tonight, (e:peeps) and pizza. social interaction is always a dandy experience. see ya tonight!
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Category: good times

02/14/08 09:47 - 25ºF - ID#43322


last night (e:lauren) and i went to our dance class and found that (!!) we got to do a floor class instead of our normal cardio dance class! as in we actually learned breakdancing moves like spinning on your back, the six step and some baby freezes. it basically was like spending an hour and a half rolling around on the floor. so awesome! I felt as though this is the part that i'vebeen waiting for. it felt so... satisfying!
i am really excited for it, and i think that we are definetely going to start going mondays AND wednesdays to class.

i am a bit sore in the shoulders today though.

i actually just heard the sound of a bird outside. haven't looked outside yet, but it gives me that warm and 'spring will come one day' feeling. hoorah for spring! one day! lol

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Category: randomo

02/12/08 09:36 - 10ºF - ID#43288

ten... er... 7 things...

a few brief highlights of the past few days:

1. Netflix rules.

2. i'm sick of having cupcakes in the house.

3. i'm sick of the amount of booze/beer in the fridge/house. anybody want some jello shots?

4. i didn't have the headache hangover of death on sunday! wooo!

5. holy damn cold bitches!!

6. i'm going to seattle sometime in the next 7 or 8 months. which involves flying for the first time ever. wooooo!!

7. okay now i'm grasping at straws. Ive nothing left.
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