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Category: party

10/28/06 05:16 - 43ºF - ID#21091

Parties Past and Future

Future parties:

First off, someone in Amherst is having a halloween techno party, and me and (e:ladycroft) have thought about going for about an hour (it's being hosted by the bald guy who was handing out fliers at the party last night). I've got 2-3 more slots in my car if anyone's interested (I'll be DD'ing). message/email/whatever me if you want to come along. Space in my car is limited, first come first serve. Here's a link to the party if you want to drive/go yourself.

Past parties:

I went to (e:ladycroft) 's party last night, in spite of me being absent-minded enough to think the party was happening the 31st (I know, I know, who the hell has a drinking party on a tuesday). Around 9:00PM last night, I realized my mistake and scrambled to get a costume. Everywhere else was closed, but Tops was open. They didn't have anything that would really fit a person older than 12....except in the Christmas section. So I did the only thing I could do, and bought an green "elf" stocking cap with ears on the side. My story would be that santa was now letting
Jews work into his factory as part of an expanded diversity program. I don't have any pictures but I'm guessing that I might appear in one or two posted by another peep.

Aftermath: I ended up have a lot of fun, but I did take a fall on the steps going out and I woke up with a butt-ache this morning. And to answer (e:lizabeth) 's phone texted question from last night, a great many cute chicas were spotted, a decent number talked to, but that's about the extent of it.
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Category: life

10/22/06 10:21 - 49ºF - ID#21090

Seaborne Vandals and Prestigious Magicia

Had a fairly boring weekend until last night. Around 2:00AM, I heard this banging and thumping sound that sounded like it was coming from my house. The landlady and her college-age daughters who live can be rather loud at times, especially when they're fighting about something. I wrote it off as that and continued watching Futurama; I have a boring life, what can I say.

After several minutes, I was able to trace the yelling and crashing sounds to this group of several people running back and forth across the street; it wasn't actually coming from the house. People on the street can be loud, so I didn't think anything of it. Then I see these guys who are running around and yelling jump on top of cars and kick off their side mirrors from the doors. I was worried that either my car was going to be next (and therefore I needed someone to chase them away with) or that my car had already been abused (and I needed something to open a can of whoopass on their sorry hoodlum asses). After I retrieved said Item of Whoopass, that I probably couldn't have used anyways because doing so would cause too many problems for me, I saw that the thugs had already made their way down Utica.

My next-door neighbor called the cops, and probably 45 minutes later they arrived. Probably was a long response time, but then again, when they paid us a visit they had already nabbed the kids and had them in the car, so the 45 minutes was probably well-spent on their part. And as far as I can tell, my car received no damage.

While this area of Buffalo I live in is not necessarily a "bad neighborhood", it does have it's sketchier moments. It's sort of like being in a stretch of ocean where most of the time you have normal, somewhat interesting fish swim by, occasionally you have a really beautiful fish swim by, and once in a while you have a shark swim by. Last night, it was the sharks who paid us a visit.

I seriously need to invest in some home security paraphenalia, preferably of the Vermont's finest sugar-maple kind used for hitting baseballs with.

Today, I saw the Prestige. Wow. The critics really have it wrong on this one. Hollywood finally bucks its stupid remake trend and produces a fascinating film with original ideas that make you think just a little, and I wish they would recognize it. It was a little long, and the plot was a little too twisty, but it was really good.
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10/21/06 12:10 - 44ºF - ID#21089

Weekend and Soundtrack

So the first real week of me being a single again has passed. I really don't know what to think of it at this point, other than this general "great, now what the hell do I do" feeling. Part of me wants to get back in the saddle immediately, part of me wants to engage in a monk-like celibate quest for self-betterment, and the rational part of me thinks that either of these choices is taking things to an extreme. I guess it's pointless to mentally debate this, though this is my diary of sorts, so I guess I have a responsibility to record of there being such a debate.

Got a little more work on the improved estrip dashboard widget done tonight. Not enough for another general release, but enough to accomodate a future comments addition. I've still got this question of "just how wide is too wide for a dashboard widget, and how many features will I add before I'm better of just creating an application instead". I do know that being able to see dates on the latest comments on an post would be useful to some folks (including myself).

Finally, what soundtrack would define me as a person? I'd guess the one that makes up my iTunes Library and all the crazy shit on it. This was a total random shuffle, following the rules (e:jenks) mentioned in her post. I'm actually surpised I didn't get any birdcalls from that time I had accidently imported all the Ghost Recon sound effects into iTunes; I certainly don't think that my prom experience was exciting enough to warrant "tufted titmouse". My Lexx Brigadoom stuff did get put into the list on two separate soundtrack elements, and given what an obscure show it was, it might as well be birdcalls.

Opening Credits:
Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog

Waking Up:
Even though - Sugar Ray

First Day At School:
Theme song from Lexx (German version) - Lexx Sountrack

Falling In Love:
Oye Como Va - Santana

Breaking Up:
Green Manalishi with a three-pronged crown - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

Jammin' Bob Marley

Life's Ok:
Theme from Braveheart

Mental Breakdown:
Island in the Sun - Weezer

Hannukah in Santa Monica - Tom Lehrer

His Shadow Is Coming -- Lexx: Brigadoom Sountrack

Getting Back Together:
BeOS blues

Birth of Child
Waiting Room - No Doubt (I'm not shitting. This is what actually appeared)

Wedding Scene:
Skeletons of Quinto - The Folksmen (from Mighty Wind Soundtrack)

Final Battle:
Silent E. - Tom Lehrer

Death Scene:
Lluba (Don't Wake Me Up Before the Sun Shines) -ll- Les Yeux Noirs

Funeral Song:
Fire, Water, Burn - Bloodhound Gang

End Credits:
The ending of Dan Brown's novel Angels and Demons.

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Category: life

10/15/06 08:38 - 45ºF - ID#21088

Loveless, Internetless, but Alive

Several significant things happened this weekend.

First off, I'm single again.

Me and the girlfriend in NC finally acknowledged that our relationship was over. We officially broke up Friday. I do feel sad about it, but I almost feel more weird than sad. It's this weird "I must get rid of all the clothes in my closet because they don't really fit anymore and go out and buy new ones" kind of feeling.

In addition to feeling weird about it, I also feel a little worried. After my first girlfriend, it took me two years before I got the second one. After that one, it took me six years before I was with the one I broke up with. If one looks at the "multiples of three" pattern here, it'll be 12 years before I find another girl who'd want to be with me. That's a very long time. I hope the pattern doesn't continue to hold as the six-year dry spell really sucked.

I suspect that this preparation will involve a lot of working towards the body I've always wanted, improving daily habits, and consolation with weekly viewings of the Fight Club DVD. Yeah, I grieve in weird ways.

In other news, Buffalo's gotten knocked off its ass by a snowstorm. Civilization has partially stopped. Strangely enough, I'm used to this. Hurricane Fran turned the place into MadMax, and the ice storm several years ago did to NC what the snow did to Buffalo (but much, much worse). I'm used to living without power, I'm used to living without heat and having to use a fireplace for warmth and a propane grill for cooking. Whenever I see heavy snows, I have this instinctual drive to get bread and milk, as silly as it sounds. That's what we did back home.

I've actually made out fairly well. I live on Richmond, and the "avenue of trees", well, do the math. I actually has power, gas, and the necessities of living. I just don't have TV and Internet, so I have to make due with cafes offering access. I'd like to find a few more besides starbucks, as they tend to charge a decent sum. It's driving me crazy not to have Internet, but I know that others are far worse then I, so I should be thankful.

Oh, and last night, I should add, I crossed with (e:vincent) into Canada. Had a good time in Niagara Falls. Canada was a LOT of fun, and that's all I'm saying.

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Category: tech

10/06/06 01:05 - 44ºF - ID#21087

Random Tech Musings

Mix one part boredom, one part curiousity, and rudimentary text-editing skills, and the result is this silly little thing I created: an estrip Dashboard widget for Mac OS X. It's basically a stock Apple thingy I modified to work with estrip (which probably doesn't even count as real programming work). But I find it useful for getting a quick summary of the latest posts. gather tracking number: 0385317001160110609
In the future, I'd like to add some more features and more customized artwork.

In other news, I go to yet another PHP users meetup. Again, I'm the only person attending. Everyone else has been such flakes, and I can't blame them totally because the people running the group have cancelled so many group meetings or changed venus that not a lot of people seem to have faith in the group. Also, the H.R. guy who started the group (as a sneaky recruiting tool) got fired from the company that had a lot of the members coming to the group. Arrgh. Why can't there just be one tech group I can attend in Buffalo, like Internetworkers back home?

I've sometimes toyed with the idea of creating an informal technologist group that meets every week somewhere (spot, bars, etc) to drink beer/coffee, network, and shoot the shit about the latest developments in digital stuff. I'm still toying, because the PHP group is really not giving me my fix because they're almost never meeting.

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Category: love

10/03/06 02:26 - 59ºF - ID#21086


Tonight I had a conversation with my girlfriend who still lives in North Carolina.

Me: Do you know yet whether you can come up for my birthday Nov. 17th?

Girlfriend: I'm afraid I can't. I just can't.

Me: Why not?

Girlfriend: Because Buffalo took you away from me.

Me: What? What? (in disbelief)

Me (thinking silently to myself): I waited close to two weeks for you to ask at work and figure out whether you could come up and visit me for my birthday. And after all that time, the answer you give me sounds like something you could have thought up in two seconds and could have given me two weeks earlier.

Me: So, after I've flown down and visited you this summer, you just can't do the same for me? (did I mention I'd be paying for her entire ticket up here?)

Girlfriend: sorry, I can't come up and visit you. It's like me saying 'I've got this really nice friend in North Carolina, and I'd like you to come down and see him.' Buffalo is what took you away from away from me, so I can't go up there.

Me (thinking silently to myself): Me trying desperately to get any computer job I could back in NC and submitting hundreds of resumes and constantly getting turned down, followed by you and your mother calling me "selfish" for staying in Raleigh for a potential job interview instead of driving you to to do work errands for your mother, who's also your boss, that you couldn't run yourself because of your driving problem*, followed by your mother busting on me for being a 30 year-old man without a job who couldn't support her daughter in the future and who should be spending his time sending out resumes--that certainly influenced my choice to take a job up in Buffalo. You should be blaming that BS for taking me away from you.**

Me: Do you know how silly that sounds?

Girlfriend: You just don't understand.

Me: You know, in this entire relationship, I've gone out of my way a lot to come and see you. For over a year I did all that driving back and forth from Raleigh 40-60 miles out to Zebulon and later Wilson several times a week. The whole time, you almost never came to see me in Raleigh. I was kind of hoping after all those times I came to see you, the very least you could do would be to come up and see me.

Girlfriend: You just don't understand.

Me: Well, I need to go to work tomorrow. Goodnight. Bye.

Girlfriend: Bye.

(End of conversation; I hang up).

The irony of this situation is that I just came back from the end of services for Yom Kippur (the Jewish holiday which deals with wrongs you feel other have done to do you for which you're supposed to forgive them) and already I have something that I should be steaming furious about. I guess I'll try to rise to the spiritual challenge and look past it. Of course, that means not letting anger dominate my life; it doesn't mean continuing to let myself be jerked around on a string like a Yo-Yo.

  • My girlfriend has this issue with driving long distances. Basically, up until a year ago, her mother forbade her from driving distances more than 5-10 miles, even though she was 20. The GF told me, at the start of our relationshiop, that if she were to drive any significant distance, her mother would call the police and report the car as stolen, even though the GF was the one making the payments on the car and insurance at the time. If someone tells you that you can't do something and prevents you from doing that thing and threatens you with punishment for doing that thing, and if they are successful in getting you not to do that thing, then they have basically undermined your ability to do that thing. Whenever the GF needed to go somewhere and her mother couldn't take her, then I had to take her because of what her mother did to her. In the last year, my girlfriend has denied that her mother ever did this, and has basically internalized her mothers feelings about her driving as her own. The end result is that she can't really go anywhere other than a few miles from her house, and she thinks that "this is the way things have always been."

  • I tend to see any attempt by the mother to get me to drive her daughter somewhere, or her refusal to drive her daughter to somewhere she wants to go, as a refusal to acknowledge the damage in her daughter's development that she caused in undermining her daughter's ability to drive significant distances. That the mother would refuse to acknowledge her role in making her daughter unable to perform the errand while casting me as the "selfish" bad guy because I would not help her with the errand is something I consider to be intolerable hipocrisy.
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09/26/06 10:17 - 55ºF - ID#21085

WWFD (What Would Frasier Do?)

Thought of the day: relationships suck. Especially when you're torn between wanting to be with someone at all costs and listening to the people you know and trust (yourself included) who have correctly pointed the number of difficulties that you've had in your relationship.

And so I'm faced with a paradox. It feels like the relationship was always meant to be, and that I know the person as well as I know myself. Yet at the same time the other half the relationship is unwilling to match the 50% of the compromise, sacrifice, and personal growth that I'm willing to put forward, and ones wiser than myself tell me that these attributes are cornerstones of relationships that are meant to be.

I know that no amount of complaining that I do will resolve any of these issues, as sorely tempted as I am to do this (which I probably will do over the next several weeks). For tonight, the most I can do is ponder how confused I am right now and take some comfort in the fact that writing this all down makes me feel better.
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09/22/06 03:01 - 46ºF - ID#21084

First new year's resolution

It's new year's eve, and I think my first resolution for the year of our lord 5767 will have to be to get my butt to bed at a regular hour more often.
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09/12/06 12:59 - 58ºF - ID#21083

A little belated, perhaps

I might as well join in on the 9/11 recount.

When 9/11 happened, I was on the Internet. I didn't know it had happened--strangely enough, the sites I was browsing didn't mention it. It must have been around 4PM when my mom called downstairs to tell me that some crazy people flew planes into the world trade center.

After that, the entire month of September was unbearable, and I largely blame the media for this. The TV was just one long loop of planes crashing into buildings over and over again, set to the soundtrack of mindless commentary of news commentators who honestly though their endless jabber would some how shed more light on what happened.

The worst part of it, though, was seeing the people jumping off the WTC on TV. That's without a doubt the worst thing I've ever seen; I had wondered how horror movies were every supposed to be scary again after seeing something this bad. And of course, I had to see those images of people jumping to their deaths looped over and over again, again set to the soundtrack of more useless commentary. And no matter what I did, I just couldn't escape the awful replay and useless talk.

Ever since then, I've suffered from 9/11 fatigue. I absolutely do not give one wit about the latest 9/11 movies and I outright refuse to go to them with my friends. If my friends watch something about 9/11 on the History Channel, I just go in the other room. And I can't listen to Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" because that song so effectively sums up how I felt that entire month--"I'm being overwhelmed, I think I'll go to my bedroom and take a nap, wake me up when this stupid thing is over and people are ready to accept this tragedy and learn from it instead of replaying it pointlessly."

And that's my recounting of what I experienced on 9/11.

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09/04/06 01:41 - 58ºF - ID#21082

labor day weekend recap


Hard day at work. Made me very tired. Took a nap at 8:00PM to get refreshed for the party at 10PM. When I woke up, it was 5AM. Dammit, I suck.

Verdict On Friday:

I seem to have a difficult time with this alcohol in moderation. Last week, I drink too much, and by accident pass out on a couch on a porch, and miss most of the next day in an awful hangover. Friday, I ended up by accident going to bed ultra-early and stone-cold sober. I'm now at the other extreme.


Got up real early. 5AM. Way damn to early for my own good. Did some stuff around the house. Went to the (e:ladycroft) and (e:nejifer) birthday party. It's actually right around the corner from my place, so I didn't have to drive. At 3:30AM, I eventually make my way back to my apartment and crash.

Verdict On Saturday:

High points:

I got up early. My Circadian rhythms might some day align with the rising and setting of the sun.

I got to see lots of (e:peeps), as well as meet some cool new people.

I was reminded of my days spent at Ithaca College with foreign exchange students. I forgot how much they could be.

I helped save the cake at the party by grabbing the third corner of the tray. Were it not for my actions, the cake might have smashed to the floor.

There were half-naked people dancing. Very amusing.

I practiced far more moderation than I did at the last party.


By getting up early, I reduce my ability to stay up really late, and will want to go to sleep really early.

I realize that I would have had ever more fun at the party if I hadn't stopped taking french, german, and spanish courses in college.

I helped save the cake from accidently smashing to the floor, only to see it later intentionally smashed into the faces of (e:nejifer) (e:ladycroft) and (e:decoyisryan) . Though I've got to admit, the second outcome was far more fun to watch.

All the half naked people were men. And even if there were any half-naked women, the fact they come from cultures where half-nakedness is not taboo and is socially acceptable would totally spoil the shock value of being flashed.

I practiced enough moderation to get home safe, sound, and coherent. But I still woke up with one bitch of a hangover today, and spent most of today in bed.

Sunday (today):

Spent most of today recovering from yesterday. Missed the Buffalo Wing Festival, which probably is better for my high cholesterol situation. Had an excellent meal at Panos. I went to see Idlewild at the Elmwood Regal.

Verdict on Sunday:

Hangovers suck. It's not only the headache, it's that false feeling of malaise that makes you want to stay in bed all day as if you were sick. I made it through, however. Far enough to have a great pasta dish, which probably won't make me any fatter because for most of the day I was to nauseated to eat anything. And Idlewild was really good, at least in my opinion. It was cool to see stop-motion animation, great dancing, and jazz in a movie with two top-ten hip-hop artists; I had expected the "I-sell-lots-of-records-therefore-that-qualifies-me-to-be-a-great-actor" attitude to prevail--I'm glad I was wrong.

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