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Category: work

11/05/09 07:35 - ID#50228

new job

i really needed a job, so i went to the temp agency. it turned out that they liked me so much that they asked me to work for them, at their agency.

i now have a job giving other people jobs. i actually really like this job. and they really want me to stay.

i now have a dilemma.

i've been studying income taxes so that i can be an income tax preparer. i thought this would be the ideal job for me while i spend much of my time farming. pretty much because
1. tax season is January 15-April 15, which won't interfere with my farming
2. i am really good at math
3. i already know a lot about income taxes
4. the training only cost $80 (after reviewing my life, i realized that the only thing i regretted was wasting so much money on education that i didn't end up using)

i suppose i don't have to decide what to do soon, but i am wondering if i should stay at this job or actually switch to an income tax preparer job.

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Category: work

12/06/06 02:49 - ID#30501

reflections of a cleaning lady

i love cleaning.

it brings me joy to see a space grow cleaner as i work. i love coming in to a dirty house, yard, forest or any area, spending time cleaning and loving the space. and then when i leave, everything looks and feels better, cleaner, and energy can flow more easily.

for the first time, i cleaned houses for money for a couple weeks. i have cleaned many spaces for other reasons, but never for money before.

luckily, i got to do the deep clean that i enjoy. i cleaned a huge house, four bathrooms (one of them the size of a large bedroom), immense kitchen covered with grease stains that must have had about 50 cabinets, and wood, wood, wood everywhere that had to be wiped down by hand. i cleaned the master bedroom floor four times. it made a huge difference.

the house looked spectacular, when i was done there, especially compared to what it looked like before.

i made $12/hour. the going rate in that area (wilmington, north carolina) is $15-25/hour.

the odd thing about cleaning someone's house is that they treat you like dirt. i suppose it is a dirty job, but literally, when people see someone cleaning, they think low of that person, like the cleaning person is not on the same level or something. i wonder if it a defense of some sort. i don't really know.

i actually don't really mind how i'm treated in this situation. i have enough confidence in who i am to not let myself get down in the slightest. i am just saying that this is an interesting, and pretty common all thoughout the world.

and there do not seem to be enough thank yous in this job. having your house or yard cleaned makes a huge difference. i found it ironic that the little things that i cleaned--that were expensive items like marbe furniture and glass cabinets for the china--impressed the woman i was working for much more than the humungous cleanses i did on her house, like the floors and the grease-covered stove.

despite the lack of thanks (i guess that really there is not a lack of thanks, because i take time to appreciate how nice things look afterwards), i honestly do like this job, and i found that i was getting job offers left and right to clean for peple. but i have to admit that i enjoy cleaning much more when i do it for love and blessings than when i do it for money.

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