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12/12/08 06:32 - 25ºF - ID#47046

T Minus 10 Days & Counting

Just a reminder (for anyone who knows me or cares in the least - hint, hint) that I, my man, and my boy will be touching down in the B-Lo a week from Monday (the 22nd). Can't wait to see everyone, maybe meet some of you I've known voyeuristically these past few. We will definitely be in attendance for the New Year's Eve shindig (minus the 9-year-old), which I am much looking forward to.
So listen, Paul Terry & Matt, you better clear up your calendars, because we've got three years worth of chillin to do in less than 2 weeks, plus all my other relatives to see.
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11/05/08 01:09 - 64ºF - ID#46558

scratch that, damn things happen fast

Ban on Gay Marriages Approved:

I'm ashamed, but whaddya goin do? I'm not gay so there's no one I can sue, but I'm thinking there's going to be bunch of lawsuits over it.

Crap, damn fear-mongers.

I really wish you guys could've seen some of these Yes on 8 commercials. They were pretty classic and sickening.

Talking about that your kids are going to learn in school about "boys marrying boys and girls marrying girls". Then they come up real close on this little girl whose face looked like her puppy just got ran over in front of her.

Damn fear-mongers.
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11/05/08 12:52 - 64ºF - ID#46555

Prop 8 Opponents refuse to concede

From Sacramento, this just in.....

millions of more votes to be counted, Prop 8 opponent call Prop 8 supporters "presumtuous" in thinking they've already won.

here's the story

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09/11/08 05:18 - 74ºF - ID#45643

Not for Republicans

So today on the way back from work after my lunch break, I saw this on a car. Not a bumper-sticker, mind you, but hand writtten (very neatly, I might add, which I always appreciate with things of import) in whiteboard marker on the back window.


Now, unlike Michele Obama, there's no backlash for me to admitting the lack of pride (or shame) of my country that I have felt in the last recent years, but this filled my heart with pride.

Seriously, no offense to Republicans, you can't help yourselves, I know that. Now, there is at least one (well, no, now that I'm thinking about it, only 1) republican that I can honestly say I love and respect personally, and he would be furious and indignant at this, at which time I would laugh at him.

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Category: golden girls

07/22/08 02:02 - 73ºF - ID#45103

For Mike - Estelle Getty's passing

Alas, Sophia is no longer, at least we can still enjoy her wonderful sarcasm on TV (thank you Lifetime).

Incidentally, Mike, last Friday I read your Rose's joke (Patty O'Furniture). Not an hour later I was enjoying my day-off morning coffee/crossword/golden girls and there was Rose telling that joke. Cracked me up. I figured the time difference was the only reason we didn't see it at the exact same time.

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10/22/07 05:50 - 76ºF - ID#41754

It was supposed to be SoCal Fires

That's all...

"So Fires..." doesn't really make any sense
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10/22/07 05:44 - 76ºF - ID#41753

So Fires For e:hodown particularly

Okay so here I am in San Diego with all these fires. This is the 2nd time since I've lived here that there have been MAJOR fire events all at once. There's about 7 fires burning right now in San Diego County & more in Orange & LA Counties. I drove down from Glendale to SD this morning (about 130 miles north) & it was basically campfire smell the whole way.

Jess, you're mama will be fine. ESPECIALLY by the ocean. It would be one thing to be in the forest or desert, but who comes to San Diego from Arizona for the desert? There's like seriously no personal threat, just really if you have a home any where canyon-esque or foresty. If she's got asthma or anything like that, she might want to wear one of those SARS masks, otherwise, she'll be fine. Also, I'm not sure if she's supposed to fly out, but I know the airport has an evacuee center at Terminal 1 for those flying in whose homes have been evacuated. I would guess they have something available for those who are due to fly out. Not sure, though...

I could see the Irvine (orange county) fires (like actual flames) from the I-5 this morning, and there were certainly parts where it was very smoky & ashses & big pieces of charred things flying around the freeway, holding on the steering wheel because the winds are like 70 mph, the source of the fires to begin with.

I'm not right in it this time, but 4 years ago, there were fires about 3 miles from my apartment. That's one time I am thankful for living in the ghetto, because the concrete jungle is hard to burn during a brush fire. They say this fire is bigger already. It's seriously insane to see. I think last I heard was 60,000 acres? That was like 2 hours ago....

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07/20/07 11:57 - 67ºF - ID#40173


Twisted did you feel the earthquake this morning? I have lived here almost 6 years and have barely felt anything! I guess I shouldn't be upset about that, but it is kind of dissapointing!
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10/10/06 04:55 - 64ºF - ID#23216

if your thong causes you to sin...

pluck it out!

Subtitle: Let's make an official "Free-Ball at Work Day"

So this super nice girl at work (Leslie) gave me a BEAUTIFUL dress last week. It's kind of silky-ish short lining, and then all crocheted in different colors of brown (my favorite color) over it.

So, I wear it to work today for the first time wearing it, and another lady goes "omg, I can totally see your thong".

Well you know what, I don't freaking care.

So I ignored it, and tried to walk down less-lighted hallways.

Then someone complained to our attorney, who complained to my boss (the president of the company), who totally didn't care and you could tell he was embarrassed (although not terribly, we're pretty close)

So my solution: ditch the chonies.

So now that I'm actually wearing less, and have my chonies in my purse, I'm apparently more "office-friendly".....

bueller? bueller?

people need to settle down....

So I hereby encourage everyone to freeball - it's good for you!

Now I'm just hoping no one can see my ass-crack.

eh, fuck em!
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09/25/06 12:48 - 57ºF - ID#23215

Too ong for comment

Okay, One thing at a time:
1. Elmwood Village?? uh, No. It will really suck to come back to Buffalo & hearing people say that - it's a total marketing scam. I don't like it at all.
2. Thanks for the pics Paul - I love the memories! We Never (aka the 2-4 store) TRIPPED me the fuck out! I bet I could still walk in the door, hear that little "DING" & I would feel like I was on acid, which I was for much of the time living at 1097 Elmwood. Same thing with Jim's Steak Out. Too many times in there all fucked up & those pink neon lights - yikes!
3. Yes, the Murder. It seems the guy's name was Casey - I actually didn't know him, but I knew the guys that killed him - Big Dave & Red John. Incidentally, Big Dave beat the shit out of the landlord there a few months before the murder, apparently he was on liquid acid. I'm not sure if it's one those cases where you didn't know the person was totally fucked up, or if he just snapped, but Big Dave was always very nice whenever I hung out with him. Poor Red John - I think he was just a pawn in the game. He got a lot more time though, even though Big Dave was more the aggressor, because he fessed up, and Big Dave didn't. Totally unfair. From wht I heard there was some witch that they were in love with, and she told them that Casey had raped her, that's why they killed him. Let tht be lesson boys, don't fall in love with any witches - you'll totally get played. That place was totally cursed....lots of fucked up things going on there. When I lived there, one of the crackheads in another apartment tried to set the building on fire. Nice. Emily was there at the time. I think she lived there when the murder went down. I moved in slightly after, but hung out there all the time with the boys across the hall, where the actual thing happened I herd sometime later that the place used to be an underground abortion "clinic". I use quotes because I think it was more of chop shop. So all those unborn baby spirits are probably pretty pissed off.

Yes, insne for sure!
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