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Too ong for comment

Okay, One thing at a time:
1. Elmwood Village?? uh, No. It will really suck to come back to Buffalo & hearing people say that - it's a total marketing scam. I don't like it at all.
2. Thanks for the pics Paul - I love the memories! We Never (aka the 2-4 store) TRIPPED me the fuck out! I bet I could still walk in the door, hear that little "DING" & I would feel like I was on acid, which I was for much of the time living at 1097 Elmwood. Same thing with Jim's Steak Out. Too many times in there all fucked up & those pink neon lights - yikes!
3. Yes, the Murder. It seems the guy's name was Casey - I actually didn't know him, but I knew the guys that killed him - Big Dave & Red John. Incidentally, Big Dave beat the shit out of the landlord there a few months before the murder, apparently he was on liquid acid. I'm not sure if it's one those cases where you didn't know the person was totally fucked up, or if he just snapped, but Big Dave was always very nice whenever I hung out with him. Poor Red John - I think he was just a pawn in the game. He got a lot more time though, even though Big Dave was more the aggressor, because he fessed up, and Big Dave didn't. Totally unfair. From wht I heard there was some witch that they were in love with, and she told them that Casey had raped her, that's why they killed him. Let tht be lesson boys, don't fall in love with any witches - you'll totally get played. That place was totally cursed....lots of fucked up things going on there. When I lived there, one of the crackheads in another apartment tried to set the building on fire. Nice. Emily was there at the time. I think she lived there when the murder went down. I moved in slightly after, but hung out there all the time with the boys across the hall, where the actual thing happened I herd sometime later that the place used to be an underground abortion "clinic". I use quotes because I think it was more of chop shop. So all those unborn baby spirits are probably pretty pissed off.

Yes, insne for sure!
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