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11/05/08 01:09 - 64ºF - ID#46558

scratch that, damn things happen fast

Ban on Gay Marriages Approved:

I'm ashamed, but whaddya goin do? I'm not gay so there's no one I can sue, but I'm thinking there's going to be bunch of lawsuits over it.

Crap, damn fear-mongers.

I really wish you guys could've seen some of these Yes on 8 commercials. They were pretty classic and sickening.

Talking about that your kids are going to learn in school about "boys marrying boys and girls marrying girls". Then they come up real close on this little girl whose face looked like her puppy just got ran over in front of her.

Damn fear-mongers.
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11/05/08 12:52 - 64ºF - ID#46555

Prop 8 Opponents refuse to concede

From Sacramento, this just in.....

millions of more votes to be counted, Prop 8 opponent call Prop 8 supporters "presumtuous" in thinking they've already won.

here's the story

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