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if your thong causes you to sin...

pluck it out!

Subtitle: Let's make an official "Free-Ball at Work Day"

So this super nice girl at work (Leslie) gave me a BEAUTIFUL dress last week. It's kind of silky-ish short lining, and then all crocheted in different colors of brown (my favorite color) over it.

So, I wear it to work today for the first time wearing it, and another lady goes "omg, I can totally see your thong".

Well you know what, I don't freaking care.

So I ignored it, and tried to walk down less-lighted hallways.

Then someone complained to our attorney, who complained to my boss (the president of the company), who totally didn't care and you could tell he was embarrassed (although not terribly, we're pretty close)

So my solution: ditch the chonies.

So now that I'm actually wearing less, and have my chonies in my purse, I'm apparently more "office-friendly".....

bueller? bueller?

people need to settle down....

So I hereby encourage everyone to freeball - it's good for you!

Now I'm just hoping no one can see my ass-crack.

eh, fuck em!
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