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T Minus 10 Days & Counting

Just a reminder (for anyone who knows me or cares in the least - hint, hint) that I, my man, and my boy will be touching down in the B-Lo a week from Monday (the 22nd). Can't wait to see everyone, maybe meet some of you I've known voyeuristically these past few. We will definitely be in attendance for the New Year's Eve shindig (minus the 9-year-old), which I am much looking forward to.
So listen, Paul Terry & Matt, you better clear up your calendars, because we've got three years worth of chillin to do in less than 2 weeks, plus all my other relatives to see.
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libertad said to metalpeter
Glad you had a lot of fun, you always do so many things....

paul said to metalpeter
I'm jealous too. I want to swim so bad....

uchina said to uchina
my pictures are tiny and i don't know why and they're kind of cute that way....

uchina said to joe
is snowshoeing easier than x-country skiing? i've never done it but it looks fun...