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11/04/04 06:38 - ID#23186

Not My America Anymore

God, the disdain I feel for Americans.

I've always been one to feel shy waving any flag, and instead bring up the negative about America. But I'll tell you what, this past four years, seeing the last election go so wrong, and now this war business and halliburton and the school of the americas alumni and all that.... My patriotism was awakened through all this, because I finally felt something to get pissed about. Paul and I have had this conversation so many times, that we've had it so good, how can they (the elders) expect us to give a damn about a thing when we get to play on our computers and watch our survivor (sorry, paul, there not too much different, not that I watch survivor, as I digress), why the fuck should we care what's going on in the world, even so a different state or maybe the next county over. Well, then 9/11, and the fear factor involved with which W got just about all america to side with him in Iraq (ok, I could go off for 20 minutes here, but I won't). I saw something going on in type my country type that I couldn't understand, something that poked at the part inside me that said "wait a minute, this isn't what america is to me... freedom, truth? any of that? I don't see it, this isn't how it should be". I feel more anger for this foolish american idiot mentality than I do the terrorists. After all, we pretty much invented terrorism, don't you think? who can really blame them... Think of all the people over all the years in countries all over the world that have grown up to the sight of smoke and blood, the sound of bombs and mortar shells, and our pretty flag rolling past them.... hm, yet they hate us because of cable TV? Hmm, no... But now after all this, when we as americans had a chance to check ourselves and say, wait a minute, what kind of road are we on here, man...
I assumed that the "regime" wins because the people who are out there that think like me don't vote enough... Well, here we are, record turn outs and look at that.... more than half you fuckers out there are totally not in sync with what I call my "american" ideals, and yeah, even morals, if I can even use the term american morals without heaving anymore.
Instant karma's gonna get us...
Damn you morons...
Wednesday morning I cried, not because Kerry's not our president, I never liked him all that much anyway, but because it's absolutely true that I am no longer an american. It'd be like someone telling me I didn't belong in Buffalo anymore (which I prolly don't, fucking southern californian that I am), but it would still blow my fucking mind. That's how I feel today. I just can't even believe it's true.....Yet I know it is.
Here's a quote from our fine-tarred and feathered president:

(wow, I'll probably get on some CIA watchlist for threatening to tar and feather our president. That's right, while you're watching, I'm talking about that red-neck motherfucker from Texas, GW. Is that the FBI knocking even now as I type?)

For the second straight day, he pledged to reach out to those who opposed his re-election.
"The campaign over, Americans are expecting a bipartisan effort and results. I will reach out to every one who shares our goals," he said.

Um, Sorry, George, I don't share your goals of world domination and oil for all. Clearly he's done reaching out to me, oh, wait, he never did.

Sickened is how I feel.

On a lighter note, I thought paul might be excited about this:

TOKYO (AFP) - Giving a new meaning to the term grassroots music, Pioneer Corp. said it had developed a next-generation disc made of corn to let the eco-conscious consumer dispose of data in the soil.

The Japanese electronics maker said the Blu-ray optical disc, which can be written once and stores 25 gigabytes of data, is 87 percent natural polymer derived from corn and biod

"If the starch polymer is incinerated, it will not emit dioxins and any other harmful chemicals," the company said.

While the disc can theoretically be eaten, it is coated by a 0.1-millimeter (0.004-inch) thick layer of resin and is too hard for even the strongest teeth.

Pioneer has yet to decide when to market the disc.

Earlier this year Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE - news) (news - web sites). and another Japanese company Toppan Printing said they had developed a paper disc that can be destroyed with scissors for fool-proof data security.

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