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Category: halloween pics

11/06/06 11:50 - 46ºF - ID#21434

Rowdy Roddy Piper's Pit on Halloween

incase anyone is interested there is a written post below the lovely halloween action pic.....brian as andre the giant, his lovely girlfriend meghan bringin the hulkamania to the scene and of course me, your very own eric "codyp" as the rowdy one!






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11/06/06 11:47 - 46ºF - ID#21433

sunday nite date nite?

hola people. great weekend. great great weekend. the weather, the activities. so firday i went to happy hour at tiki bar (2 buck miller lites all day everyday) for a while with my pal meghan. had some beers and made names for random people. the bartend was dubbed mc titwitch. she had her tits pushed up to a crazy position, and looked like a witch. hence the name. then there was mc rotten ass, some guy who kept sharting himself. just plain rude, especially for happy hour. so i left there and went to a friends house for scrabble and wine and a fire in the fireplace, first of the season. that was ok for a while, but then my friend and his girlfriend got in a fight, like fucking clockwork. so they went to bed fighting and i played with itunes and fell asleep. woke up and came home, watched notre dame play and win! on saturday and then saturday nite hogan, the giant and i (piper) had another costume party to go to. but we sucked and didn't get dressed up. i felt bad cause the girl whose house it was went all out. it was fun. danced on a table with some girl i just met. well im lying. i have met her before, and we just eneded up hangin out and chatting the whole nite. sunday i woke up and felt like i got ran over by a train a few times. didn't get the girls number, but thats ok. i see her around a lot. best part of the weekend was i had a "blind" date on sunday nite and it rocked. my friend meghan's sister knows this girl from her gym and called meg one morning to see if i was single. so then they set to plotting. the girl was willing to give me her number through the go betweens, and so i called. our first convo was 2 hours. i hate the phone. not a big phone talker. let alone someone i don't know and never met. it went well, so we set a date for sunday nite. meet up for a drink, chat, if it bombs, it bombs, if not well go with whatever comes. it was good because she doesn't live in long beach or anywhere immediately around here. she lives at home about 20 min away. thats good cause if it just goes friends, or nowhere at all, we wont see one another. anyways. so we met at croxleys ale house at 8, and left around 12:30. they were closing up cause it was sunday and we were the only two people left besides employees. it was cool we had a couple beers and just talked about a lot of random stuff. really cute girl. freckles on her nose (big sucker for the irish girls with the freckles) blonde hair (never go for blonds, but its more dirty than blonde) and strikingly beautiful eyes. they are a greenish colour. her smile is lovely, and her laugh is nice too. of course i was witty and charming so she was laughing most of the nite. real awkward silences at all. which was nice. there was a moment of awkwardness when we were parting ways...we both stood there and i was like shit, well ill do something, so i gave her a hug. and we both said we wanted to see each other again. of course i got the text 15 min later....i kinda knew...well no, i was hoping it was coming. the weather has given me an overload of ideas for writing, but i have just been to lazy to sit down and put it on paper. i don't know why, just is that way. i miss haikusters wisdom
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10/29/06 08:41 - 44ºF - ID#21432


odd title i guess, but i was watching the movie before i started this so there. i hope everyone is recovering from last nite's festivities. i am sure most had a good time. i did. went out as an 'ensemble' my buddy brian was andre the giant, his girlfriend was hulk hogan and i was rowdy roddy piper. lotta fun. went to a costume party and then out to the bars. it really should be halloween once every season or something. people seem to relax, open up and let their guard down. work is going really well. crazy busy. i am just trying to learn the job really well so that when the time comes, i will be able to move up. reading a separate peace right now by john knowles. one of my favorites. i have so much to say, but just don't want to write i guess. ever feel like that?
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Category: poetry

10/03/06 01:59 - 59ºF - ID#21431

a fall drive

hurtling along the expressway, up from
the south shore of long island
it came into view as i ascended upon the rise
around kissena ave.
first the worlds fair, and i felt as if i could
carry the globe myself.
it was a beautiful sun day Saturday.
and the city had audrey hepburn, and
george peppard written all over it.
it is never tiring, the city, the way she looks.
timeless really.
under the river i went, popping out in the middle
of the quiet weekend noise.
Midtown never looks as good,
as it does on a beautiful fall weekend.
people strolling along the avenue, holding hands,
walking dogs, sitting, drinking coffee
morning jogs.
the pushcarts roll infront of their
vendors along the streets
and i think of pea shooters and intense battles from
a book of my childhood.
i cross the rock inbetween the hudson, the east river the long, thin finger like
rock that whitman sang his praises about so long ago.
and down beneath the other river and out into
i leave the city behind, pressing on
into the heart of the garden state.
i day dream of love lost, and love yet
to be found. i dream of dances among
candle lit evenings, alone, the two of us.

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Category: poetry

09/29/06 12:56 - 49ºF - ID#21430


love, it is something that is on my mind of late. finding love, losing love, it finding us when we are least expecting it. how does one measure love? is it how many mornings you wake up with your arms wrapped around someone, face buried in her beautiful hair. is it how many tears wet ones pillow in the quiet of nite after losing that person? just a quick blurt, work's going well and everything else is good, strange, on hold, in limbo.
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09/16/06 03:47 - 68ºF - ID#21429

the 30 foot pig part 1

Roger water was awesome! the show rocked. there was only one "lull" in the show i could have done with out. well i am not sure if everyone knows, but i am not a big fan of the current administration. however, when i go to a show, i don't want it shoved in my face that bush sucks. i will say he did bash ole tony blair too, but awww......michigan just picked ND....i gotta go. yeah finish the story later
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Category: poetry

09/15/06 12:08 - 62ºF - ID#21428

i too dream of canadian nites.

i too dream of canadian nites
with the quiet hum of american radio
purring over the heaters keeping the windows
from frosting over, keeping us from seeing
our breath in the car.
we pull over to the roadside bars,
stomping our boots free of the slush and
snow, shaking the cold off
our sholders as we walk in the door,
ready to drink, and laugh
and feel the soft hips and cheeks
of rosy lipped girls. with sweet lovey doed
eyes, knowing no more, no less than we.
all ready to dance, listen to juxeboxes
belt out the tunes that are the songs
we will dance to, fall in love to,
discover the wonders of our bodies to.
maybe all in the same nite for those lucky
the wind of our youth, hitchhiking
from the coasts, cross the prairies, navigating
the mountain passes as the heavy winter
skies clear and the brown moon climbs higher in the sky
cleaning itself off, whiter than the freshly fallen snow
some stand outside watching their breath pass
in the air, cold, sharp as glass, the breath so heavy
casting a shadow neath the moonlite.
the bar door opens, closes, and the smells of smoke, beer
sweat drift slowly out on the sounds of
clinking glasses and racous laughter and bop.
the light from within is soft, muted by the dark ruddy leathers,
the heavy stained woods worn from the coat sleeves
of men stopping off on their long wild rides into frontiers of
the provinces, the west.
these canadian nites are american nites too.
the border, the only thing that seperates the people.
but it doesn't really, cause' the wind skips free, dancing the dervish
of wild lusty youth.

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09/13/06 12:01 - 58ºF - ID#21427

i've had enough of you mantooth

going to see roger waters on friday nite at jones beach!!! i am slightly excited. supposed to be 80, and the conert is at one of the best venues. the ocean, the great south bay. a bunch of my good friends and work is going well. at least i think it is. haha...i was thrown to the fire on monday. which was tough for more than one reason. first it was a par=tay weekend. my buddy thomas was going back to ireland after a 2 week vacation on the island of long. then saturday was another friend of mine tommy mcpartlans birthday. wow. what a rager that party was. sunday was the met game. pabst brewing co. field box seats. SWEET! right on the field first and second row. it was amazing. one of the best parts of the game is i caught two balls, and gave one to this little boy whose name happened to be Eric as well, and then this cute little girl got the second one i caught. it was such a great feeling seeing their faces light up and there parents were so happy as well. something so simple. well of course there was a large quantity of barley and hops consumed by us four wild men. which probably accounts for us ending up in bayside at sullivans and my friends chatting up these two anchorwomen from DC who fly up everysunday for the mets home games. it would also probably account for my losing the hat i bought as a gift. a hat i had to go out and buy again. so monday was my first day "on my own" at work, anf after a long weekend of tooooo much fun, i was a little foggy. well shook it off, and i think i did alright. i actually have a lot of responsibiliy making sure these publications meet deadlines. exciting. so now i am just lookin to put my nose to the grindstone and try and keep everything going forward. might be coming home end of october for TKE alumni weekend at buff state. while i was not a TKE, a lot of my friends were, and a couple live in manhattan so we may come up. the next two months are going to be busy on the weekends, plus the brunching season is fast approaching. yes i said the brunching season. usually on sundays a whole group of us get together and go to brunch. usually followed by some cocktails and football at someones house. makes for a nice sunday. well im off to bed. nite all
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09/05/06 07:42 - 64ºF - ID#21426

bye bye summertime

hello hello. i have not been here in a while. been busy with my new job, trying to learn everything and stay in an behave a bit more. plus i have been dealing with ex issues, and trying to figure out where i am going in my personal life. i had been "seein" the ex on a regular basis, but that has been interrupted and i am not even sure if i really care. before we statred "seeing" one another again, i met a great girl, we went out a few times, she didn't call me back, then does, and we start hangin out again. a week ago, she calls me and tells me about a serious, i mean really serious ailment that was picked up on a catscan, and bam she has to have sugery on a tumor in her brain. it was really scary. i was scared for her, and i guess a little for me (selfishly) because i was worried she would come out of surgery a completely different person. this is due to an experience in the past. well i spoke with her sunday nite. she is at home with her parents and feeling well considering it was brain surgery. it was wierd. i went to see her in the hospital and she looked fine. strangely beautiful. i mean because she was in the hospital, in bed all day, and cmon everyone knows that when you are in a hospital, you are just not yourself. she was so calm, and it calmed me down, cause i was nervous as fuck. i had no idea how to act, how to behave. it was almost like a date. except i brought two books i picked out for her along with the flowers. we had talked about what she wanted the nite before, and she allowed me to pick the books, so i grabbed one of my favorites, A Moveable Feast by Hemingway, and Jitterbug Perfume by tom robbins cause some people just don't like ernest, and i can understand that....i guess.. an arrangement of lillys, which are still going strong and are her fav flower. not a day went by that i didn't worry about her. i also was hoping that she would not come out of it and lose interest in the things she enjoys, photography being the most important.

so yeah i have a new job. i work in production for a publisher. well its a publisher who does the yearbooks for Pro sports teams, colleges and universities nation wide, and some highschools. its pretty cool. hopefully i will be able to learn a lot, put some time in and then maybe move to a "Publisher" of books. hhahaaha.

hope everyones summer ended well. it was beautiful out in the hamptons after that pesky ernesto finally left us alone. lots of rain before that though. It was to bad i didn't get to see anyone really when i was home. Ran into jenks briefly at founding fathers, but my buddy wanted to go home so i really didn't get to chill. sorry peeps. hopefully thanksgiving.
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07/11/06 10:28 - 78ºF - ID#21425

the goal in the street

it was this morning
while driving i saw the
goal sitting in the street

i thought of my goal,
and Michaels too
both tucked safely away in backyards

Mine behind the pool deck
his under the patio awning
attached to the garage in back

it was hazy and humid around 8:30
this morning when i first saw
the goal in the street

summer always meant
swimming pools, kickball in school yards, riding
bikes to the ends of the neighborhood

hockey was tough, no one wanted
to play goal, all of the equipment,
the hot pavement

games in the cool grass
in the welcoming pools,
or racing bikes down neighborhood streets were relief
from the heat, not hockey.

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