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09/28/05 07:10 - 72ºF - ID#21289

new baby..

lets see.. this is the 3rd cell phone in 2005... :) maybe one more by the end of the year.. lol..

the new baby is an AUDIOVOX 5600.. Audiovox is just the name branded for USA. Its made by a company called HTC.


Probably the smallest phone I have owned in some time, but yet still lots 'o features as it runs on Windows Smartphone 2003 SE. Lets hope this one doesn't run away also.
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09/18/05 10:15 - 69ºF - ID#21288

Have you seen me :)

I am a Treo 650 that vanished last wednesday. Somewhere between Quizno's and Delta Sonic I got lost. Please help me find my way back to Christopher. I hear that for now he has replaced me with a Motorola Razr V3 Black Edition, but I know he can't live without me. That Motorola has nothing on me. I know I am big but I can do so much more, so please help me find him. If I am forever lost, I would better except of Audiovox 5600 or Nokia 6682 as a replacement, but not the Motorola.

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09/03/05 02:36 - 72ºF - ID#21287 pmobl



clip of Mike from his birthday at la Luna at 12:48am....

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09/03/05 01:42 - 64ºF - ID#21286

Same as last year.

4th Annual Maggie Lee Memorial 5K Run/Walk

The 4th Annual Maggie Lee 5K Run/Walk is Saturday, September 10, 2005. Again this year the event will be held at Delaware Park-Parkside Lodge. Registration starts at 8:30 am. The race/walk begins at 10 AM. Refreshments, entertainment, and prizes will follow the race.
We need sponsors, donors, and volunteers for a successful event. If you can help, please call Renay at 883-5396

... Once again.. I will be singing the national anthem at the start of the run/walk. I know its pretty early but ya'll should come :)

Who was Maggie Lee?

Maggie Lee had Epilepsy. She was a counselor at the Epilepsy Association, a community activist and a friend. In June 2001, she died suddenly as a result of injuries sustained during a seizure. We hold the run/fun walk to remember Maggie's commitment to those with Epilepsy, to fund services for those that share her disorder and to increase awareness of the needs of persons with Epilepsy that affects one out of every 100 persons in Western New York.

Please check back for upcoming details regarding the Maggie Lee 5K Memorial Run/Fun Walk!

visit here to find out more..

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07/26/05 02:13 - ID#21285 pmobl

treo test.

A test from posting with the Treo.

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03/26/05 12:11 - ID#21284

my new toy...

so after being tired of T-Mobile and Danger Inc.. I have moved from the Sidekick II to the palmOne Treo 650 and Cingular service. It has only been alittle more then a week, and had some problems.. but all is running well now.. a great little device. I do give the Sidekick II props for a few things though.. Even though what it does is limited, what it can do is top notch, such as EMAIL, and AIM.. but the Treo 650 has so much more.. full web browsing (w/javascript) and on Cingular's EDGE network speeds up to 135kps.. very nice. although the keyboard may seem small, its very user friendly. built in mp3 player, Palm OS 5.4 and so much more.. sweet little device, and a cell phone to boot. if ya want more info visit


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02/28/05 11:17 - ID#21283

happy birthday...

happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me.. blah blah blah. 28.. blah..

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01/14/05 11:25 - ID#21282

Lilho and driving...

I always seem to end up driving behind Lilho.. I hope she doesn't think I am stalking her, because I see her on the road atleast 2 times a week.. and not just on elmwood, although mostly.. she probably hasn't even noticed me.. HA HA HA HA.
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12/24/04 10:23 - ID#21281

Happy Holidays...

I haven't posted in forever and a day.. Just want to wish everyone a happy holiday... hope you'll get what you u wanted :-)....

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10/30/04 02:13 - ID#21280

Keep on the electoral vote.

Visit here :

This is the best site to track the polls and how they shape the electoral college vote.
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