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11/19/03 10:35 - ID#21238

in an effort to write more...

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you're given
It's all how you use it

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11/13/03 05:49 - ID#21237

Do you smell gas?

Well some may have had the day off due to weather, I had it because of a gas leak.
Our building was closed down today because there was a gas line break somewhere. First we were told there was no reason to worry, then we were told to leave the building right away. Class was also canceled today. What a great day.... VOTE DEAN 2004!
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11/11/03 11:50 - ID#21236

guess I should write...

Seeing as how I haven't written much here, I will post a little something. I have now been at my new job for over a month, and I really enjoy it. Its kinda rough doing school and working 40 hours a week, but oh well. The holidays are upon on soon so that should be fun. I bought myself a snowblower on EBAY so I am ready for the snow to start fallin..!!! I started my Principles of Marketing class today. Oddly enough my professor looks like an Ompa Lumpa(sp?) from Willy Wonka. I hope he doesn't happen to read this.. hehhe.. oh well. I am off to bed.. and I will leave you with this... PLEASE PAY YOUR DAMN BILLS!!!
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11/03/03 01:06 - ID#21235

party time..

What loser sleeps in the middle of a party.. ME ME ME! Was a great party though. Well, when I was awake. Glad to see no one did stupid things to me, or took stupid PICTURES of me while I was sleeping.

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