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01/21/04 07:11 - ID#21243

Lies of the Union.

For those who missed the State of the Union address last night do not worry. It was the same lies and rhetoric that Bush has been laying on us since the Florida's Supreme court elected him. A speech lacking of any new ideas, members of his administration denied that it was a "political speech". And if you believe that one I have a nice pink elephant for you to buy. Bush proclaimed "We Must Protect Marriage", "RENEW the Patriot Act", "Make the TAX cuts permanent", "We don't need permission slips from the UN", "I will shrink government spending by 4%", "I will cut the deficit in half by 2005". "The economy is making the biggest gains in over 20 years". I really sometimes think that Bush believes the lies that he spews. Where are the John Wilkes Booth's when you need them. I hope this country starts to wake up by November. Do not be blinded by the threat of terrorism. Bush has ignored domestic policy too long. The only true threat to this country, is the one in the white house.
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01/03/04 10:33 - ID#21242


2004 List of things 2 do..

1. make sure Bush is not re-elected.
2. see #1.
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