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03/03/04 07:57 - ID#21244

Time to say something.....

Well, I guess its been awhile since I wrote anything. Well, last saturday was my birthday and i turned 27.. Really doesn't fell any different. I did buy myself a birthday gift though. A new car :) I was tired of the Truck and having a standard vehicle. So, now I once again own an automatic and its sooooo nice :).. Bought a brand new 2003 Kia Spectra. My second Kia car. Most people may think Kia's are crappy cars but I never had one mechanical problem with my last Kia, so why not buy another. They may have started off as making crappy cars, but they have improved over the years just like Honda and Toyota did. Plus i knew they would give me the best deal since I bought from them before, and they did. The new car is sporty looking, ruby red... i love it ... :).. Well, I hope all you registered democrates voted yesterday.
And PLEASE DONT VOTE FOR NADER in November :).. hehe..

BUSH NO MORE - 2004 !!!!!

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