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07/31/04 06:48 - ID#21260

Truth about..

Sorry Matthew, but the war has already been started. We cannot pull out now. More Iraqi lives would be lost now if we did. So that is not an option at this point. Any president we elect would have to continue this war is whatever way they see fit, but pulling out would not be an option. Kerry also said the he will not ask our military to serve in a war because we want to, but because we have to. That is the difference between Bush and Kerry.

Anyway, I can talk out my ass for hours on this subject. This is an imporant election, one that will shape the next 20 years. We all have a choice to make. If you think that buy voting for a 3rd party canidate that you are making some sort of statement, then so be it. If you think the path this country is heading in right now it a good one, then vote for George Bush. I am not saying Kerry as president would be a huge change, but it would not be a continuation of the politics of George W Bush.

Lets not vote for him in 2004 either.

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07/30/04 07:53 - ID#21259


Well, it isn't a "fair" playing ground. We have what we have, and thats we have to work with. I respect if someone votes for Nadar because they agree more with his ideals. But someone who is not going to vote at all, or not vote for Kerry just because of various petty reasons I do not. It's sad, but with todays politics it is a choice between the lesser of the two evils sometimes. But as I said, it is what it is.
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07/30/04 07:12 - ID#21258

Perfect world.

Sorry to say that we do not live in a perfect world. Where we can have politicans that we agree with every value or belief that they have. America is a two party democracy and will be for many years to come. You have to vote for the person that most represents you. And yes I would rather vote for someone who will protect those issues that I feel strongly about and not turn back the hands on the progress this country has made. I just can't believe someone would rather have Bush stay in office and tear down our civil liberties then to cast a vote for John Kerry. That's like putting the shoplifter to death, and letting the murderer run free. I will admit I would have rather had Edwards or Dean as the democratic nominee. But not all of America agreed with that, and I support my party. Unity among those with common views will always win. We let our differences always break us apart, when we should be talking about what we share in common. I have more in common with the views of John Forbes Kerry then I do with George W Bush. And that is why I will vote for him. Then when the next gay politician is our nominee I will vote for him. Perfect world....

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07/30/04 07:14 - ID#21257

Vote for George Bush..

If you would like the religious right to control this country. VOTE for George Bush.

If you would like women to lose their right to choose. VOTE for George Bush.

If you would like our environmental laws to be eliminated. VOTE for George Bush.

If you would like gays rights to be abolished. VOTE for George Bush.

If you would like the United States to be hated by the rest of the planet. VOTE for George Bush.

If you want scientific research stopped by our government. VOTE for George Bush.

If you want to be watched by big brother. VOTE for George Bush.

If you vote for Ralph Nadar. You voted for George Bush.

Don't make the same mistake again. 4 more years will change this country for the worst.


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07/28/04 04:47 - ID#21256

concrete flower

Beautiful aint it....
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07/28/04 12:36 - ID#21255


My angelic dipping sause plate from Don Pablos.

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07/19/04 09:43 - ID#21254


If you look closely, you can see Madonna.
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07/16/04 01:00 - ID#21253

Tennis at the pink!!

Here is paul playing tennis at the pink...
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