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06/20/04 12:04 - ID#21252

MTP's House

This is the first time I am sending a pic to my journal, and I am doing it from my sidekick. Matt is enjoying some Hypnotic.
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06/20/04 03:22 - ID#21251

Fathers Day

Just same random fathers day pics while eating at Altons in Cheektowaga.
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06/13/04 12:03 - ID#21250


This is my first post using my new sidekick.
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06/06/04 07:08 - ID#21249

Pride 04....

So, did the Pride festival today. Pretty much the same as it every was. Although, there were less protesters this year. They were so much fun last year, I missed them. They said last year that we had sex with our goldfish. They were so witty. Anyho. Glad the rain held off today. Saw M.P.T. (As they will now me known Matt, Paul, and Terry.) at the festival whorin' out the site. Hopefully more people will join, so that everyone will stop bitchin' at me to write :) lol. Peace out.
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06/19/04 12:03 - ID#21248


I think everyone should go out and buy a T-Mobile Sidekick today. Of all the electronic shit I tend to buy, I now feel like I can't live without it. Its almost like an addiction. Having access to AIM,WWW, and email from anywhere is the best thing since sliced bread. :) Ok. thats all for now folks.
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