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Category: birthday

09/20/07 09:11 - 64ºF - ID#41209

Happy Birthday

Happy b-day, spud girl (aka (e:lizabeth)).
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Category: religion

09/14/07 02:43 - 58ºF - ID#41089


Today, I spent the first day in the year of our lord 5768 reflecting long and hard about the person I want to be. The gates of repentance have been opened with the blast of a horn, and it is up to me whether I will be inscribed in the Book of Life for another year, or whether I will part from the life I want to lead ten days from now.

There's so much that I'd like to write right now, but I don't have the time tonight. However I think that my posts for the next nine Days Of Awe will be a little more deeper than usual, especially considering the challenges and life-changing events in the coming year.

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Category: life

09/07/07 10:55 - 84ºF - ID#40986

Labor Day Summary

(reposting because I can't find out how to delete comments)

Labor Day Weekend Summary

Introduced (e:inscrutable) to the parents, and the four of us had yet another great buffet experience at the India Gate.

Found a nice apartment in Northern Buffalo near Sanders @ Colvin where (e:inscrutable) and I can live together and merge households.

Went to Toronto to see relatives I had not seen in seven years, the last time being at my grandfather's funeral. Nice to see them again in happier circumstances. As my orthodox relatives tend to have lots of kids, I wasn't surprised to find that I had another six 2nd cousins who I never knew existed. And they're all cute, of course.

Experienced the unbearably sad reality that my parents are getting older. Seeing the people who I relied on to protect me and be strong for me requiring my protection and strength was an extremely emotional experience for me. I also started realizing the burden on me to be the strong and protective one in my existing and future family relationships. I see a lot more gym visits in my future.

Got to see Toronto and eat lots of yummy Indian and Thai food. Remembered that I'd actually have pictures of said food if I wasn't dork enough to forget my digital camera. I also saw the Great Wall of China . That's Canadian humor for you.

Got a whole bunch of CD's of Candian artists I've heard across the water on 102.1 The Edge. I've found it surprisingly hard to find Bedouin Soundclash, Ill Scarlett, D.J. Champion, and Billy Talent in Buffalo stores, so I kind of went hog-wild the moment I stepped into HMV.

Got the non-blocking, multi-threaded querying feature of my Postg reSQL Coc oa framework in the initial stages of working, which should help reduce users' perception of latency in applications using the framework. In plain english, I spent some time on my laptop computer doing programming stuff and accomplished something important.

Got pizza scissors. For cutting pizza. I'll add a picture when I have time.

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Category: life

08/30/07 12:09 - 74ºF - ID#40820

Secret Confessions

I told my parents tonight. It wasn't half as bad as I imagined it. It's a huge weight off my chest, and with that past me I can finally concentrate on being productive and preparing for the future again, especially since my parents seem kind of cool about it.

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Category: life

08/22/07 06:58 - 78ºF - ID#40677

Hot Potato Mashup

Today I have little to write.

I instead reflect on the fact that sometimes there's stuff that you just can't write on the Internet because it's just such a hot potato and personal enough to the point of being inappropriate to share with others.

Time will change this, I'm sure, but it sucks that I have to (justifiably) limit my emotional outlets.

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Category: computers

08/16/07 09:36 - 75ºF - ID#40584

Basket Case

Got my new case today.

I'll probably write a review somewhere on the Internet at some point. Considering my investment, the case was virtually cost nothing.

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Category: housing

08/12/07 04:58 - 78ºF - ID#40497

House Hunting

(e:inscrutable) and I looked at more houses today. It's actually pretty tiring work, though I'm not sure exactly why. We're

Most of the houses don't have central air or insulation, and a lot of them are slightly smelly and not well kept. There was one we found off in the Kenmore Ave./Colvin area that was really nice. It was actually nice enough that I'm not understanding why the price dropped from $120,000 to $100,000, which is kinda of setting off my spidey-sense. But dammit, the house is nice, at least for northern buffalo. It's well kept, and it has central air, and the basement is rather non-icky. But there's always some kind of catch. It breaks the second law of thermodynamics if there's not a catch.

I've agonized over what the catch and reasons for sudden price drop could be. Maybe it's the school system, and that everyone wants to send their kids to Williamsville. Maybe it's crime. Maybe it's an enormous sinkhole under the house or enormous heating bills. There's so many different permutations of things that could be awful that I haven't found yet.

It probably doesn't help that I'm trying to please my parents a little bit with this decision. My mom can recount from memory endless horror stories about friends and relatives who got more than they bargained for, and my father has kept repeating the mantra "you may have lots of expenses that may make you wish that you were still renting." I'd like to show them the house I found so perhaps they might be more positive if I ended up buying it, but I'm worried that if I wait the two more weeks until they arrive, it'll be snatched up. I mean, the house seems nice enough and cheap enough that only an idiot would pass it up (unless there's a catch).

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Category: politics

08/03/07 09:56 - 80ºF - ID#40366

War on Error

To get a passport, I had to take half the day off from work, spend $100 in fees, and postpone any trips across the peace bridge in Canada for 12 weeks because I was required to send the government my notarized birth certificate. Yesterday, I get back my passport only to find that my first name is misspelled.

This brings to mind a lot of scary thoughts. Such as being stranded in a foreign country and not being to leave because some overzealous bureaucrat will only let a fellow with the first name of "Nial" leave (Nial is my first name misspelled. (e:inscrutable) helpfully suggested I solve the problem by legally changing my name to "Nial"). I am also worried that Osama Bin Laden will be allowed to enter the country because Osama Bin Lader's passport does not show up on any warning lists.

I don't think that this is how the War on Terror was supposed to work.
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Category: random

07/28/07 04:30 - 83ºF - ID#40280

Random Bits

Garden Walk:

I have come to the conclusion that The Garden Walk is basically an adult version of Halloween Trick-or-Treating.

Give the middle-aged people (and cool hip young people on 24 Linwood) orange-colored candybags, and they'd look right at home during october.

Strange Logic

Quoting from the story the American Axle factory has a "glut of unused production capacity" and their "global sales prospects are surging". The components maker has received $400 million in new orders". They have tons of "new business backlog" and the place "was busy" filling orders. Therefore, considering how bad things were, it was deemed important to shut the place down.

The article goes on to say that "much of the new work is from ex-parent GM for vehicles to be sold in North America", so one can conclude that American Axle is relying on Americans with money to support their business through buying cars that use their axles. Americans who are laid off are not Americans with money.

In laying off 734 people from the factory, the company has generated 734 additional Americans who do not have money, and therefore are no longer of their customer base and are in no position to buy any cars that use their axles. A logical, thinking person would deduce that American Axle just reduced their customer base by 734, which is not in the company's interest. The point of capitalism is doing things economically that are in your interest, and yet the company is doing something that is not economically their interest. Which seems to completely conflict the capitalist structure of our economy.

Everything seems so contradictory. It's so confusing to be an American these days.

Thursday In The Square


Old '97's. I hope I'm doing my duty to make (e:lizabeth) jealous.

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Category: programming

07/10/07 05:15 - 87ºF - ID#40039

Propel mental unfitness water

There's a reason why I've spent the last few days with a murderous glare in my eye and thoughts of getting all Voldemort on a few Open Source programmers (and the rest of the software industry for good measure while I'm at it). I've tried and tried to get a piece of software at work functioning, and it's absolutely fucking ridiculous. I'll pretty much leave it at that and defer to a guy who has already adequately described the general source of my ire.

I guess I should also try to find the humor in the situation (from )

"We believe that good documentaiton is probably the single most important thing for a successful project..."

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