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Category: tech

06/27/07 01:06 - 82ºF - ID#39825


(This started out as a comment to (e:jenks) comment on (e:paul) 's journal, but I think it's gotten too long for a comment. )

I'll be getting an iPhone from work, hopefully, that we'll try to use with the ERP system we're developing.

We're kinda bummed that we can't take the OS X code that we're using in our database client and reuse it to make a stripped-down version that runs on the iPhone. And I'm personally bummed that there's not going to be, at least for a while, an iPhone Cocoa API that would vastly increase the potential job opportunies for myself (and (e:zobar) as well). So much for my fantasies of buying a house on Richmond with plenty of insulation, no dust, and central air.

Yes, it sucks, but then again, Cingular has been very good about respecting users' ability to use bluetooth and the users own file's however they see fit. Someone like T-Mobile or Verizon or Sprint deciding that I can't put a public-domain midi file on my phone as a ringtone and charging me $$$ to have to use their ringtone from their network, which I'll have to keep paying for over and over again when my subscription to ringtone runs out, pisses me off vastly more than the iPhone apps issue.

I've heard that one of the reasons why Apple went with Cingular (aka AT&T) only is that they were given a wide amount of latitude in what they are allowed to do. If Verizon or T-mobile had iPhones, they would probably put in enough restrictions that sucked even more than Apple's.

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06/18/07 10:19 - 71ºF - ID#39715

Mail Call

Got my package. But I have to reformat for leopard, so any work I save is meaningless until then. (e:paul), check these guys out.

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Category: life

06/15/07 01:13 - 65ºF - ID#39666

Week Recap

Tues: I ordered something. Something that will help a lot with work. Paul probably can guess what it is, but I'm not going to advertise that I've got one in my house.

Wed: Took (e:inscrutabale) to Baccus dinner & movie for her b-day. They were showing the Big Lebowski. After years hearing all sorts of nerdy folks make references to that movie, I can now be in on the joke, Dude. It's cool watching a movie in that kind of environment, although a city environment doesn't make it always the easiest to hear, especially with zillions of bikers roaring around downtown. I don't think all that wine made things any easier to follow, either.

Thu: (Tonight).

Had a decent walk to SPoT with (e:inscrutable). She ordered what could very well be the most tastiest thing I've had there, which tasted like rose petals and perfume. Which is really weird because you'd never expect such things to be tasty. On the way, some guy driving by saw me and (e:inscrutable) holding hands on the walk back to my apartment and yelled "faggot" at me. It took me as few seconds to realize that he was mistaking (e:inscrutable) for a guy (a girl with short hair wearing a hat looks like a guy with long hair wearing a hat, I guess). It was a little shocking at first, but we soon laughed it off.

Finally, I was surprised to find out that (e:inscrutable) successfully baked the gargoyle I made on Tues. It turned out pretty well considering I was just messing around with the leftover clay from her class and wasn't attempting to make any kind of masterpiece.

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Category: life

06/12/07 01:54 - 67ºF - ID#39623

Weekend recap

I went to the Allentown Art festival with (e:inscrutable) on Saturday. I had expected a festival somewhat similar in size (area-wise) to Durham's Eno Festival with one or two dozen tents on Allen. Let's just say once we hit Delaware and Allen, my outlook instantly changed to "will the art ever end?"

Later, the (e:inscrutable) helped me install my A/C unit, which after several hours of being in the hot sun looking at endless art, I'm surprised we actually got accomplished. Especially considering that the directions were useless and design of the unit did not accomodate easy, worry-free setup. And that was just small unit. For the 10,000+ BTU large living-room unit I'm probably going to have to hire the same folks who Sears hired last year to put it in, as it's well over 100 lbs and could fall out super-easy.

I now completely understand Azrael's line in Kevin Smith's Dogma "No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air" . I've joked with (e:inscrutable) about "Fleeing to Amherst" but it's starting to sound like something plausible. I've endured a year of pleurisy (WIKIPEDIA - pleurisy) to live in an old house in the city and it's really starting to get to me. It's kinda funny that I was able to grin and bear the wheezing, coughing, and sudden stabbing pains in my chest, yet having to attach several hundred lbs of junk to my windows every summer is proving to be "The Final Indignity"

To end on a happier note, I'm hoping to catch my first movie at Bacchus this wednesday. It sounds like a lot of fun.
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06/11/07 05:06 - 80ºF - ID#39610

Testing the waters

Posting this entry from Safari running on Windows. Just to see if it feels weird.

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Category: technology

06/07/07 12:21 - 73ºF - ID#39566

Online World Map

I saw this today and thought it was amusing. I wonder where we'd lie on the map? Anthropomorphic dragons, maybe?
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Category: religion

06/06/07 07:37 - 60ºF - ID#39554

Belief Stuff

"That which is hateful to you do not do to others. All the rest is commentary."--Hillel.

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Category: random

05/31/07 05:58 - 83ºF - ID#39481

Just Four Words

Best Artvoice Cover Ever!*

  • Assuming they're actually women
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Category: life

05/26/07 03:21 - 68ºF - ID#39417

Decent night, explosive day

Last night I saw Shrek III with girl. We wanted to see pirates, but we arrived too late from dinner. She had never had La Nova pit-fired wings before, and one of those metaphysical experiences is just not something that one can rush. Shrek III was funny, though I liked the first one the best.





Today on my way to drop her off to the bus station for her Memorial weekend trip to Rochester (way too early at 5:30 AM), I noticed that an entire section of main street was blocked off, the part not blocked off by Buffalo's decades long beer binge urban planning party. There were fire engines and police cruisers and traffice cones (oh my!) and I was wondering what kind of traffic accident, chemical spill, or terrorist attack was happening as no event would be staged so early in a town that prides itself so much on getting trashed till 4:00AM the night before. But the way people were walking was too orderly to be some tragic disaster. I found out from one of the spectators that someone was blowing up a building downtown, so I decided to become a innocent bystander spectator myself. I wish I had a better digital camera on my phone that could snap better photos of the building in mid-fall, but this whole event took me totally my surpise. And yes, it was awesome, as I had never seen a building fall in person. The explosions were the loudest part; the building collapsing into itself actually was far quieter than I had imagined.

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05/20/07 10:06 - 51ºF - ID#39357

Great Date

Had a great weekend. I took girl to the Queen City roller derby and she thought it was really cool and I got major brownie points (by the way, nice performance, dragonlady7). Things went really well on the date, especially after she came back to my place and we had several beers. I don't know where this is going, but it sure is nice to be able to snuggle next to someone in the morning.

(uncutsaniflush, last night the text of my journal was not showing up and I didn't know why. I had thought that putting the word "Date" in the title might have been some specially reserved estrip word that was messing up the parsing of something or other, so I changed the title to some silly name like wangdangdoodle that I knew would never be a specially reserved word to test things, but forgot to change the title back. It turns out the problem was actually was the e plus colon plus dragonlady7 in the text that caused the entry not be appearing, which is why you don't see dragonlady7 in standard estrip username notation).
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