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Category: automobiles

02/25/06 03:48 - ID#20988


I was going to mention a funny observation that american cars seem to have side mirrors that do not match the body paneling of the car. driving today I noticed that is not always the case. ford explorers seem to have black mirrors and colored panels, but chevy malibu's for the most part have side mirrors that match the body paint.

i need a life.

on another note, i took my car to delta sonic to get cleaned out and this woman totally flipped out on the poor teenager that happened to be just standing by her car because they couldn't get a stain out of her carpet (?) she did not appear to be the smartest person in the entire planet but she sure was fucking nasty. i gave the girl a $10 tip when she came to get me because i felt so bad for her. dumb bitch.
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