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Category: money

01/19/07 06:06 - ID#37782

i hate keybank.

i never overdraft. my diagnosis of ocd makes sure that i never allow myself such things. somehow, in the past two weeks, i have been charged three overdraft fees for items posted up to a week and a half late on my account. this is what i get for bad bookkeeping.

so im out about ninety dollars from my paycheck from last week, taking away about 1/7th of it. good times. this means i must budget frugally, as if i had received no double promotion about two pay periods ago. the last pay period being christmas. (now that i think of it, this period of the year seems to be the only time i have ever received these types of snafus with post-payment-overdraft-charges. i blame christians and christmas.) when does vycious get to enjoy his new salary? the answer is: not the first month of the year, for sure. thankfully i have (or will have) all the toys i could possibly want at the moment, but its so easy to wonder what i could have done with the ninety dollars it took to learn that my bank is a bunch of soulless-bean-counters and button-pushers. maybe i have gotten in the habit of using the ole debit card a tad much. maybe this means i should learn the value of cash again? or maybe its just that the banks pull this shit at the end of the year to reap the fiscal quarters slack for having their coffers emptied due to a certain well known series of western religions holidays slumped together due to roman conquest? i digress.

luckily, i put a healthy amount of dough on my laundry card, so im safe in the clean smelling dept. now all i have to do is find someone magnanimous enough to aid me in transport to a local aldais or wegmans to budget out my food funds for groceries instead of wendys. yes, i have a wendys problem. ask enknot. its true.

soo many developments this week. i had to change my myspace profile to private for the first time ever due to some ongoing drama of mine that i have (admittedly) fed into perhaps a tad much in the past six to seven months. a shame, as this woman could have been all i was looking for if she had known how to use the slightest bit of tact and subtlety. but thats another topic, and this one was supposed to be money. so. money.
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