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01/28/07 07:52 - 18ºF - ID#37904

soul for sale 50% off

why don't females make sense?why do you want the one that doesn't want you and you don't want the one that does? why doesw my depression come back when nothings wrong? can't it just stay away without medication? why can't i just sleep since i have to work at 230 in the morning? why did i buy a cadillac that i need to work 70hrs a week to pay for so i can have actual money i can spend? why the hell am i still writing this? wheres the devil when you need him?
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01/07/07 04:56 - 42ºF - ID#37580

Im no eminem

My inner thug is proving to be harder to reach than previously expected.

I hate keith tow tow.

Who thought making rap would be so hard. Ok i didn't think it would be easy and im not dead serious about it. Also I have no musical background except for chorus in fith grade (which i later got kicked out of in 7th grade). Still its fun to try and make beats, but damnit I suck.

And i still hate keith
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01/02/07 10:55 - 35ºF - ID#37511

A devil in Gods Country

So writing in this thing had better not be as addiciting as myspace was when i first found it.

Buy aye this day is annoying at work my van broke and i was stuck in lyndonville till my boss came and got me. My internet wsnt working when i got home. Now this damn game im playing has literally got me stuck between a rock and a hardplace in a boat trying to deliver 3 keys of coke. God I love Scarface, even though its pissing me off. Everything today was simply stupid but still annoying. I had a feeling though this morning im just like driving thinking "self, yes self, today is going to suck for some reason". Myself was right. Now myself is hungry so im gonna eat.

And damnit this gonna be addicting but expressing yourself one way or another is always good.
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01/01/07 11:13 - 40ºF - ID#37487


First Id like to thank the hosts for opening their home for the party. It was a great time. It was nice to meet everyone i met last night even though i don't really remember names as im sur emine is not remembered either so its all good.

For the new year, work harder than ever for my goals, quit smoking, work out, fight, get to Japan for PrideFC, get rich.

Thanks again to the host of the party last night and everyone else for a great time.
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