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08/17/05 02:11 - ID#27692

Lifetime Friends

Tonight I talked for hours with a friend I haven’t talked to in months. Although we were as close as two people could be years ago, recently we have grown apart. It was not because of anything that happened, but rather we got busy and didn’t keep up contact well. In spite of the time between us, we talked as if we hadn’t missed a beat. That’s the way we’ve always been. I can’t really explain the connection that we have but since we met there has always been a weird level to our relationship. Even when I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend we were able to talk more intimately with each other than with anyone else. In the past couple months I got really sad thinking that we weren’t going to stay close after we left school, especially since we didn’t talk a lot while we were there. However, tonight was the most wonderful, uplifting conversation I’ve had in so long. We feel exactly the same way about each other and it’s perfect when you can share your feelings with someone who understands everything you say. Although he’s the total opposite to me, he’s very good at sharing emotions and getting into my head. For my part, I can see the good in him and the way that he’s always trying…even when he falls short. I worried that our closeness might interfere with other aspects of our lives (we are definitely just friends, but sometimes good friends seem like more to other people) but he told me not to worry. It seemed odd and flowery coming from him, but he described our friendship as a relationship on a pedestal, above of the world around it. I think it’s really important to have someone who is family. He’s mine. There is no weirdness about it, no relational ties or sibling rivalry, just the knowledge that we can never get rid of each other; we are lifetime friends.
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