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12/18/08 12:08 - 28ºF - ID#47100

Violence in Buffalo

These news stories are alarming. See (e:paul)'s journal for background. People in the burbs can take these stories however they want and I don't concern myself with whether they want to come to the city or not based on their perceptions of them. The Buffalo News reports the facts and we will all interpret them differently based on our own experiences and how our views have been shaped by them. I think that most often I feel safe but it really depends on where I am. Out of the three instances of attacks (2 from (e:paul)'s journal and 1 from (e:gardenmama)'s) I have found myself in those same locations at similar times on foot. Sometimes I have large amounts of cash like $200 and people of lower income levels typically do more with cash than plastic for many different reasons. Many people even pay their rent with cash they turn into money orders.

(e:janelle), I get your concern, and I would assume your statistics correct, but to just assume that these attacks are somehow based on a criminal background of the victim and that you should just assume that bad things only happen to bad people based on statistics is sort of dangerous. I have seen numerous cases of gangs of threatening youth who have little respect for themselves or others do quite horrible things to innocent victims. These crimes can happen anywhere. You are also probably aware that most of these crimes are not reported for a huge number of reasons but mainly out of fear, both fear of reprisal and fear of a failed judicious system. If you know the judicial system is unable to protect you and that by going to the police you can be identified and later can be found it is an extremely hard thing to do. The violence we read about in the police blotter is only a fraction of what is really occurring out there on the streets.

There should be some amount of fear in us that we could one day be victimized for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I do not think it should consume us but it is reasonable to take some precautions. For me, the most appropriate precaution I take is to trust my instincts as they are most often correct.

One other thing is that Buffalo, in my opinion, does have racial tensions. They are a source of violence within themselves. Race riots occurred here not so long ago. There is anger and distrust still and it takes a very long time for it to heal. Because Buffalo is so divided still racially, you can draw attention to yourself by your race alone and become a target because of it. I suppose that can be true anywhere but again because Buffalo is very segregated, I think it makes it even more likely for this type of violence to occur here. People do not know where to place their anger and anger is often responded to in violence. This type of anger results in hate crimes including crimes against a person's sexuality.
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12/15/08 10:06 - 28ºF - ID#47072

Bush deserves to be humiliated

When I heard that Bush was doing a farewell tour to Iraq, I was infuriated. Farewell tours are for Cher not for somebody that has seriously damaged our country. How dare he do a farewell tour? It is absolutely INSANE and insensitive. This is a man that has no remorse or comprehension of what he has done. He has no regard for human life or human rights. I am not going to cry over the fact that somebody threw a shoe at his head. While I do not condone violence, I can't imagine what the man who threw the shoe at him must be feeling to have done so. I seriously could not imagine what it must be like to be an Iraqi. To actually have to live what they must endure which only comes to us in fleeting news bites or casualty numbers that scroll across news tickers on 24 hr "news" networks.

George Bush is going to have to deal with his actions. He is going to have to deal with the hate he has created. I hope he lives long enough to come to the realization of what he has done, not only in Iraq but all over the world. He needs to be put into jail for the rest of his existence so that he can sit and think about all the pain and suffering he has caused and will cause. People are angry and they have every right to be angry.
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12/03/08 08:25 - 43ºF - ID#46941

Tina brightens my day

That is Tina Turner not crystal meth (e:tinypliny)!

(E:hodown)'s post made me happy . That is no easy thing in recent days. Tina's experiential film "Whats love got to do with it?" was what sparked my interest in Buddhism. When I first saw the movie, it was years before I actually encountered Buddhism. Her practice is very much like mine as demonstrated on this Larry King interview.

Tina and I have the same mentor and we chant the same thing everyday. That is the awesome thing about our prayers is that I can never have met her before and be immediately connected with her and we could do the prayers and chant together in unison without even a prayer book to guide us because we already know it. It would be so awesome if some day we could do that together.

Now I can't stop watching Tina videos!

We Don't Need Another Hero!

Better Be Good to Me

Private Dancer

I love this one.

Proud Mary

Yeah, Ike was a part of her life here. In Buddhism you change poison into medicine and that is exactly what she did with Ike. My favorite part of her movie is when she starts chanting and finally beats the shit out of him in the limo on their way to the hotel.

This bootleg version was the only one I could find on youtube!

I always think she's saying "You must understand, on the touch of your hand, makes my balls react!"

I also feel connected to Tina because we both have experienced domestic violence as well as come from a Christian background. I love the scene in her movie when she is a little girl in the church and sings "This Little Light of Mine". I still sing that song sometimes! I also love Angela Basset because she played Tina so well.
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11/18/08 12:00 - 28ºF - ID#46730

My kitchen sink

I do have my reason for posting this.

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11/17/08 10:53 - ID#46727


It is both religious and secular in this country. I say secular because nobody can escape it. I have very fond memories because of it. Lucky me--to have had them. I'm also consumed by guilt at not being able to live up to its expectations. The expectations of what our lives ought to be, are shaped by the images we have of it seared into our subconscious. Our economy is measured by its success and how much we spend and how much we import from China to fuel its insatiable appetite. It is the time of year those who are suffering suffer the most.

I better get my cha cha heels!
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11/09/08 09:47 - 35ºF - ID#46622

End the embargo NOW@!

Cuba is suffering. They have been hit by yet another hurricane. The US embargo against Cuba is internationally condemned. The embargo does not work! Although many of these pictures remind me of the suffering of the Cubans it isn't the entire picture. The Cuban people also know how to enjoy life. I I could show a thousand more of happy faces.















Hurricane Rita 2005 --Malec�n


!El bloqueo no es justo!

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11/05/08 05:20 - 64ºF - ID#46562

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Finally! I feel a tremendous amount of pride and joy in my country. I'm 28 years old and I didn't think that I would every feel this way. Tears streamed down my face during your acceptance speech and I know that all across the globe people were experiencing the same feeling. I believe that you will lead us in a more safe and secure direction. I do not think that you can solve everything nor do I expect you to. Yet I trust in you to work on our behalf, the workers, the unemployed, the students those who are fighting for a place in this society. We are the ones who have elected you. I doubted democracy before today. I didn't think it was working. Please continue to bolster our faith in the ideals this country has to offer.

My concerns are vast but please take note of the following five of my top issues. First, I want the money to be removed from politics. That would mean giving equal access to the public airwaves to all candidates. Also, I would like relief in my student loan rates or opportunities to serve my country in a non violent way in exchange for real debt relief. I want more regulation of business. We have been shown what happens because of deregulation as our economy falls and our environment worsens. I want you to proceed as quickly as possible in withdrawing forces from Iraq. Finally, I want you to consider campaigning for the right for gays to marry. I do understand that it could be detrimental towards a second run for the White House but we should not be considered political pawns but real people who need real change.

Please stay safe. I'm looking forward to encouraging words from you and Michele when our nation needs it. We need it! You have a beautiful family and have an amazing opportunity to be the role model this country desperately is looking for.

Best wishes,


I got this message on his website when I submitted it.

We're receiving a large number of messages since the end of the campaign, and we ask for your patience as we try to respond to everyone.
Thank you again for your message.

Wish he could personally read my message but I don't know if he will have the time to read so many letters. I never thought of writing Bush because I knew he didn't care about me.

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11/01/08 06:48 - 47ºF - ID#46467

My competition

Servitude is my speciality (N. Buffalo)
Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-10-30, 3:29AM EDT

Female, 21 y/o and I Love to wash dishes. I love to scrub floors, I love to vacuum. I'm pretty sure there isn't too much I don't like to do as long as it has nothing to do with pets, bathrooms and cleaning your room. That's your space.. you can do that yourself.

Here's what I "envision":
Me, standing and leaning over your sink scrubbing a filthy dish, trying my darndest to not get my shirt wet while you are there taunting me... teasing me, trying to get me to get my shirt wet. Mind you, I was ordered to not get wet or else I'd be punished. A certain amount of time to get the dishes done before I'm to start out on my next task. Also, a Dominant figure would be with me, making sure I get my tasks done, both of you can relish on the fact that I would be trying so hard to please you both, yet failing at the timing factor since I am a perfectionist. He would show you how to handle me, since I am not easy to be handled. He'd come up behind me, hold his switchblade near me, making goosebumps form on my skin, me scrubbing faster and then.. **RIP** he tears off my shirt. Leaving me there, starting to turn red all over from the embarassment, pulling my hair, growling into my ear to hurry, my tasks are piling up and my punishment is getting greater. A spanking on my rump and a pinch on the small of my back before he walks away.

And what, would this cost, you ask?

Well, I'd say per hour, but that hardly seems fair.
I'd say a quote would be sent out to you, after showing me what kind of mess I'd be dealing with. That seems fair.
As far as travelling expenses, that would be included in the cost.

Tonawanda, Kenmore, Buffalo (certain areas), N. Buffalo, Cheektowaga (certain areas), Williamsville. Mainly these cities/towns. Anything bordering, may be taken into consideration.

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11/01/08 01:14 - 46ºF - ID#46459

Thanks for the party!

I had a great time at the party. Thanks for hosting it (e:pmt)! Sorry for passing out on your couch. I loved the tasty treats that (e:hodown) made, especially those stuffed figs. Everybody had really great costumes this year. I was happy to get to wear those pants that used to be my favorite but now have paint on them. Being Joey the plumber was way too much fun.
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10/29/08 10:33 - 36ºF - ID#46413

Yay I found the upload button!

(e:mike) looked like this on the first flight heading towards Atlanta. It was my first time flying with him and it was also my worst flight. It was the closest thing to turbulence I have felt. Definitely had my stomach drop and it sounded like the plane was struggling a lot.


This is when he fell in love with Lenny. It was the cutest thing.


Here he is with PupperZ.


Looking hot in Florida.


Mike with my Mom.


Me and my M.O.M.


Mike and me.






My Mom about to hose down (e:mike) after he stepped in poo.


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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...