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07/30/07 07:15 - 83ºF - ID#40315

Lake Effect Laundry

I hate this laundromat I'm at on Main ST. called Lake effect. Sure it is nice to be able to connect online. They have a wall of 12 television sets which is ok, but the laundry is WAY too expensive. It is actually ridiculous. For example they don't have any of the $1.25 top loaders that I usually use, rather they have the "double load" for $2.25 which actually is not even close to twice a top loader. Other than that they have huge machines for $5.00 or $5.50. To dry they only have an option of 14 min. for .60 which is crap. What if your clothes are almost dry? You still have to add .60 even if you only need 7 min. On top of all this they charge you a $1.00 to buy the money card you need to operate the machines. Total crap.

My favorite laundromat remains the Maytag on Delaware next to Boston Market. It is the cheapest, cleanest, and most operational I have been to in the area. They give you a free wash for every ten $1.25 loads.

Update 7/31/07

Maybe I was a bit harsh. The laundromat performs well. The stainless steel driers are beautiful and you don't have to split up a large load. Its just that normally for a week's laundry I spend $10 or less, but here I spent $15. That is just too much to wash my clothes and sheets for a week. The laundromat on Elmwood and Auburn is also expensive, but at least they offer 5 top-loading machines at $1.50. Their $2.25 "double load" machines are the worst at cleaning. Usually when you open them they smell like sewage. I am going to stay faithful to Delaware's Maytag as long as i have a car and don't have laundry in my building. I really shouldn't give them any advertising as I hate when it is busy, for example, SUper Bowl Sunday.

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07/29/07 09:23 - 69ºF - ID#40294




Had a nice time at the PMT get-together. Thanks guys!

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07/26/07 09:03 - 70ºF - ID#40256


I too, am disgusted by Scientology. See (e:paul)'s journal Honestly, even if I make fun of the Pope and all, I can actually see value in Catholicism. On the other hand, I really get angry when I see the Scientologists. Their behavior is dangerous and they prey upon the weak. They moved in right next door to our Buddhist center. When one of our organization's leaders found out that they were our neighbors, they immediately began looking for a new location. He does not want anyone to associate us with them by mistake. We are moving soon.

My mother's husband personally knows someone who was used and then discarded by this group. Actually, the guy was slightly mentally handicapped and had received a rather large inheritance after someone in his family died. In Scientology, in order to advance you must spend money. While I see the need for money in religion, this is a huge red flag for me. If someone said look, if you want to be enlightened ,you MUST give us $300, I would run as far as I could. So anyways, this guy spends all of his inheritance money to advance through their programs and when it dries up, they help him fill out a credit application. Long story short, he maxes out his credit limit and then is disposed. While he was a Scientologists he was instructed not to talk to his family.

My experience next to these people has been strange. It seems like they all walk around smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee like eternal zombies in their uniforms. Yes, (e:enknot), they are FREAKS! Most of them refuse to look at me in the eye because they know I am Buddhist. One time my friend Gerry was outside and found a young kid stumbling around after getting clipped by a car while he was ridding his scooter. It turns out he was the son of a Scientologist (haha) his mother was inside the Scientology building. Other Scientology members came out (not the mother) and they refused to call an ambulance. Gerry told me that the kid's speech was slurred either indicating he was drunk, or more likely had a concussion. The Scientology people (the mother never came out) wanted to bring the kid inside and "heal" him. Gerry called an ambulance.

Yesterday I saw a young woman with young children get sucked in by their brainwashing. It really made me sad. How much money will she lose in the hopes to make her life better/happier? Her youngest kid was so cute and he kept pointing at me and wanting her to come over to "our" door. Her older kid I saw dash out of the Scientology building without her and then attempted to cross the street. I had to yell at him to watch the car that probably would have hit him if I weren't standing there. Can't say I blame him though, kids are so perceptive.

I seriously had some issues going to see Hairspray because I didn't want John Travolta to have ANY of my money. I even thought of buying a ticket to another movie, but then I thought that wasn't fair to the other actors/actresses that aren't FREAKS. Why did they choose him to play that part? Let me tell you, he isn't any Divine by any means. Divine may be the filthiest (Pink Flamingos), but Travolta is just a FREAK with lots of money. She is probably rolling over in her grave from the insult.
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07/18/07 04:29 - 78ºF - ID#40154

Raising the flag for Jesus

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07/16/07 10:34 - 70ºF - ID#40138

This website is super informative about what can and can't be recycled. After reviewing the website, I found that I was unaware that I could recycle the following items in the blue bins:

1) Plastic grocery bags (I was bringing them to Wegmans)

2) Egg cartons (No, not the Styrofoam ones that indicate that they come from caged chickens)

3) Toilet paper and Paper towel rolls

4) Motor oil and antifreeze containers (I thought they were not accepted because of their toxic contents)

Other interesting thing I found is that Goodwill actually recycles computers and their components. check this out

BUFFALO, NY, March 9, 2007-- Residents now have the opportunity to have all computer and electronic products recycled at no charge. Goodwill Industries of WNY will provide free recycling of all computers and electronics dropped off at any of 10 convenient locations throughout Erie County. Some of the recycling will provide work opportunities for individuals who will be dismantling these products in Goodwill workshops. The rest of the equipment will be completely recycled by Electronic Recycling Technologies LLC, the largest computer recycler in Western New York.

Goodwill's vision is a community where individuals with barriers to independence are empowered to change their lives through work. So in addition to keeping this material out of local landfills and incinerators, you will be providing an employment opportunity for individuals with disabilities and disadvantages. Goodwill also accepts donations of useable clothing and household items at these locations, as well as direct financial contributions.

This program is for residents only. Businesses, schools and institutions may call Electronic Recycling Technologies at (716) 447-0720 to arrange recycling in compliance with all New York State DEC regulations.

Acceptable equipment for recycling includes:

* Computers
* Laptops
* Monitors, flat panel Monitors
* TVs
* Keyboards, Mice
* Printers, scanners, copiers, faxes
* Audio, video, stereo equipment
* Electronic games,
* PDAs, IPods, Cell phones, digital cameras
* Cables, cords, peripherals, parts, drives

Please no microwaves, no fluorescent tubes or ballasts.
DATA SECURITY: all hard drives received will be overwritten and erased or ground and smelted. No data or software will be left on any hard drive.

Drop-off locations and hours include

Goodwill Stores - open Monday-Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Airport Plaza, Genesee St & Union Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14225
2655 Delaware Avenue @ Sanders Road, Buffalo, NY 14216
1119 William Street, Buffalo, NY 14206
Town Hall Plaza, 6000 Southwestern Blvd., Hamburg, NY 14o75
Transit Town Plaza, 4311 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221

Goodwill Attended Trailers - open Monday-Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Airport Plaza, Genesee St & Union Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14225
TOPS, Niagara Falls Blvd. & E. Robinson Rd, Amherst, NY 14228
TOPS, Maple Rd @ North Bailey, Amherst, NY 14226
TOPS, 4250 McKinley Parkway @ Southwestern, Hamburg, NY 14075
TOPS, Maple Rd @ Transit Rd, Amherst, NY 14221

For additional information call:

Goodwill Industries of WNY; 854-3494
Electronic Recycling Technologies LLC; (716) 447-0720

One thing that really gets to me when I'm walking down the street is people who put things in the bins that don't belong because they never bothered to inform themselves of what does. Just because you think it should be recycled doesn't mean that it will be. By not following recycling rules you jeopardize the recycling program by interfering its cost effectiveness. So if your intentions are good (which if you are recycling, I'm sure they are) make sure you know the guidelines. is definitely a must browse for every environmentally conscious Erie County resident. The website, although missing some links, is very informative.

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07/14/07 09:37 - 66ºF - ID#40109

Bye Ladycroft


Good luck in Qatar. You will be missed. Make sure you get me your address and keep us updated. Can't wait to see pictures! You are truly a global citizen. Enjoy the peace proposal I gave you.


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07/11/07 05:25 - 75ºF - ID#40056

For give me father

For I have sinned.

Sorry I really don't try to offend, but the Pope gives me chills. I am obsessed at looking at his likeness to devil creatures. Like maybe he could be Rosemary's baby or something. Sometimes I imagine him violating me with those disgustingly freakish fingers that appear as they could be webbed. It is a highly disturbing thought.



This is my favorite


Of course this is all inspired by (e:jame)'s post

I just can't help but wonder, would God really make someone who looks frighteningly demonic the head of his flock? Maybe. God could have a better sense of humor than I do.

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07/10/07 08:25 - 86ºF - ID#40041


Wow! So much resistance against vinegar! That's OK because I too was a vinegar hater. I can prove it

Trust me, vinegar is an acquired smell. Regardless if you don't like the smell or not, the smell doesn't linger at all. People actually put out dishes of vinegar to absorb odors. It works. I have never heard, "yuck, your house smells like vinegar" or "please stop using vinegar in my house I hate the smell." That is because it doesn't stay around more than a half hour. So unless your allergic to the stuff, buy a gallon of it. It cleans, removes stains and odors, softens fabrics (2 or even 4 tablespoons in the rinse cycle will not make your clothes smell of vinegar), removes deposits and is healthy rather than toxic to ingest.

If you have real tile floors, vinegar is by far the best cleaner. Vinegar, as great as it is, should never be used to clean marble.

(e:joshua), try the Method all purpose cleaner found at Wegmans and Target. $2.99, but worth the price.

(e:metalpeter), if you don't clean, than I would be more worried that your house just smells because it is dirty rather than because you used vinegar to clean it...JK!!! ;)

(e:jenks), I would rather work for Method than a vinegar company, that is where the money is!

UPDATE 6/11/07

I forgot to mention that vinegar should be diluted when washing floors. Just put as much or as little as you like in a bucket of hot water. Besides using hands and knees, do your research on finding a nice mop. Don't buy things that will go in landfills in a year or two if you can help it.

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07/10/07 09:03 - 77ºF - ID#40034

Attention grabber


Now that I got your attention please check out my last post. It didn't make the most recent journal list because I was working on it for several days a little at a time.
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07/07/07 08:47 - 79ºF - ID#39995

Green Clean

I have finally realized the absurdity of using toxic chemicals to clean in the hopes that I will be healthier and more germ free. Clean is healthy, but toxins are not, so why would we want to spread them all over our homes and bodies in the hopes to be cleaner? The problem here is brainwashing. These chemical companies have convinced us that we NEED them?!

Maybe you think, well fine, I'm not an environmentalist, so why does this matter to me, but the fact is that it does. These toxic products cause extreme amounts of harm to our bodies the more frequently we are exposed to them. We clean to make our homes safer, not to cause neurological disorders, cancer, respiratory problems, birth defects and infertility by their noxious odors and residues. Somehow these chemical companies have convinced us that if we don't use their product, than we are not safe. Clean is NEVER toxic because it just doesn't make sense.

I don't know everything there is to know about cleaning without damaging chemicals, but I hope to learn from you if you have any tips of your own. I'll provide the basics of what I have learned so far from my own experience cleaning.

Dust is bad. Dust is all the particles in the air we really don't want to be breathing. Dust is the pollutants in the air that settle on everything we have. In Buffalo and surrounding areas, we have a lot of dust and much of it is from chemical factories. To remove the dust safely is easy. Don't use products that contain cancer causing petroleum dissilates, rather us an electromagnetic cleaning cloth. It is a dry cloth that dust is attracted to. They are a prerequisite for a clean home. Instead of throwing them away you keep them and wash them with your regular laundry. You can clean the dust away from virtually anything with a smooth finish. I use the cloth to clean televisions, computers, glass, pictures and frames, furniture, stereo equipment etc. They really can hold a lot of dust before needing to be washed.

Glass cleaners should not contain ammonia which is listed by the EPA's Community Right-to-Know list as a toxic chemical. A good alternative is vinegar. Even Windex, who makes the noxious blue version that contains ammonia, offers a clear vinegar alternative, but hey why buy vinegar and water? Make it yourself.

To wash floors, use vinegar. Vinegar is one of the best cleaners around. I thought I hated vinegar and the smell, but now I love it. Most people don't know that it has disinfecting properties without chemicals. Vinegar is especially great with tile. For wood try using the brand Ecover's version of Murphy's oil soap. You can find it at the co-op or Wegmans.

The most important thing to have in cleaning is a good vacuum. Vacuums are a huge source of allergens and molds. You need something that really SUCKS and traps the dirt well. Bag less vacs are the worst! That is what I have because I haven't been able to afford a new one. Every time you have to empty the dirt you breath in everything that accompanies the dust cloud that follows after emptying it. Vacuums should have bags. Unfortunately, most of today's vacuums are the bag less ones. You should vacuum as the last part of cleaning before washing the floors, but this doesn't apply to bathrooms. Bathrooms should be vacuumed before cleaning because you can get all the hairs before they get wet when they are impossible to pick up. You can even vacuum the shower, bath and sink before it gets wet. Don't wash hair down the sink, because that causes blocked drains. Vacuuming gets rid of dirt, dust and mites that can cause allergies and respiratory problems.

The next thing you need is a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner. So far I have found Method, found at Wegmans and Target to be the best. This cleaner works better than every toxic chemical I have used and everything smell better and cleaner. Method is great for cleaning counter tops, sinks, toilets, microwaves and stove tops. I use the grapefruit kind and just love it. Dissolves grease better than toxic alternatives.

To clean inside toilet bowls, just use vinegar. Remember vinegar disinfects and removes deposits.

To clean kitchen sinks, use a baking soda paste. Scrub it around to get rid of food gunk. Finish the sink off by wetting a sponge and pour white vinegar over it. Always use white vinegar. Scrub the wet sponge in the baking soda paste. The fizzling cleaning action from the baking soda and the vinegar is the CLEANEST and also very fun. Not only will the sinks be disinfected and odor free, but this will also keep your drains free from blockage. Preventing blockage means that you won't be tempted to buy chemical drain openers that are far from safe for living organisms. Keep food from being washed down the drain by using your sinks food catchers or buying them if you don't have them. Never pour fats down the drains. I pour fat into old coffee cans and store them in the fridge.

The other product I'm in love with from Method is the eucalyptus and mint soap dissolver and shower stain remover. This stuff is good and works better than their toxic cousins. You spray it on shower tile and wipe with a sponge. To clean tubs and shower floors Bon Ami scouring powder is good. It doesn't have that bleach in it that gets into your lungs every time you pour it out. The stuff works well too, and can also be used to clean sinks as well.

Instead of cleaning with paper towels as my predominate method of cleaning, I switched to these blue cloths that come in a familiar paper towel roll. These cloths leave no lint and can be rinsed again and again. Always work from most clean to least clean. For example, clean the kitchen with one rag, the bathroom sink and then the toilet. When you get to the toilet, throw the rag away, you don't want to spread those germs and bacteria to other surfaces. They never leave lint like ordinary paper towels which can't be rinsed like the blue cloths. Recycled paper towels are a great concept, but unfortunately, they are inferior. Washable, lint free rags would be a better alternative if you didn't want to use the blue coths.

Use products that don't contain bleach to clean. To clean shower stalls and bathtubs use Bon Ami, this cleaner is great at scrubbing away stains, dirt, mildew, odors and bacteria. You don't need toxic chlorine.

On that note, I'm looking for laundry tips. I haven't found an eco-friendly detergent that I can afford. If you know of an economical alternative let me know.


In place of ridiculously scented fabric softeners, use just plain white vinegar. About 2 tablespoons in the rinse cycle is perfect. This is better than all of the commercial fabric softeners available. If you want to enhance your detergent, use less of the product, but add Baking Soda to the wash cycle. If you want to add the vinegar to the rinse cycle, just put in the fabric softener dispenser, a Downy ball or just add it manually.

Baking Soda to the wash cycle is so beneficial. It makes brights and whites more vibrant while acting as a fabric softener and odor deodorizer. Your clothes will never be fresher or softer. Baking Soda is so diverse. It absorbs odors. Put in your refrigerator or sprinkle on your carpets in order to trap odors. To test effectiveness, add vinegar and see if it sizzles. Buy big boxes of baking soda, because it is so universal. Don't ever buy little bottles of vinegar, you must have lots of vinegar! Soak things in vinegar, it works better without toxins. Get rid of water deposits by soaking shower heads and sink sprayers in vinegar.

To clean hardwoods, after vacuuming use water and vinegar, or something similar to Murphy's Oil Soap. I use Ecover which has a similar, but is more eco-friendly by using linseed oil as their base. You can get on your hands and knees which is a time tested method or if you have large surfaces try a flat wet mop head that can easily be washed.

I think this is enough for now (If you are still with me), but I'm sure as time goes on I'll have more tips or new and improved ones, or others I forgot to mention. I learned a lot from Deidre Imus who seems way more sheik than her husband.

Toxic=NOT clean

UPDATE 6/11/07

I forgot to mention that vinegar should be diluted when washing floors. Just put as much or as little as you like in a bucket of hot water. Besides using hands and knees, do your research on finding a nice mop. Don't buy things that will go in landfills in a year or two if you can help it.

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