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08/20/05 05:03 - 67ºF - ID#22545

missing some things...

1. XOXXXXXOX and more X
2. sleepless sunrises
3. that crazy intensity
4. coffee times
5. dreaming of the adventures that await
6. drinking too much
7. creative writing 101
8. running
9. playful sushi
10. dare I say it? --"the daily dose"
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08/18/05 11:25 - 70ºF - ID#22544


Ever just wake up
and not know who you really
want to be today?
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08/17/05 10:55 - 75ºF - ID#22543

ben folds

OK my computer ate my blog- guess that one wasn't meant to be. Long story short I am psyched to go see Ben Folds tomorrow at the Wiltern, which if you havn't been to LA -is one of the the quintesential venues for good music. I'm sort of bummed I can't party like I typically would, but what can you do? It should still be agood show. Number 2 on my top ten reasons to live in LA- great music scene almost any day of the year.

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08/16/05 11:44 - 67ºF - ID#22542


Sorry I just have to complain a bit here. I am soooooooooooooo tired of losing my breakfast after a little thing like brushing my teeth. Anyone got any suggestions on battling the morning sickness? I am losing weight instead of gaining. HELP I CAN"T STOP BARFING!!!!!!!! ARGH!
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08/12/05 12:22 - 75ºF - ID#22541

in my absence

OK its been a while, quite a while. I feel the urge to call in sick today just to read all the journals I've missed while departing to my own personal drama for the last few months. I am intrigued that I have a personal theme song as nominated by Dr Cholrine and equally iritated that my sound card is not working so I havn't actually heard it yet. I am missing Buffalo so much I could literally hop on a plane and fly home this afternoon. And last but not least I am very pleased to read thay Cody P. has resumed his talent in writing despite my meager ineptness at following through with the haikus. In my own defense a lot has happened to change my life in the past few months. I am no longer able to distract myself by training for marathons as this is physically impossible in my state. I will start by saying that the shotgun wedding is scheduled to happen at the rose garden in delaware park on september 4th (if my inconsistantly cold feet don't take over first). The kido is due march 6th --- a staggering thought I know, this looms as the marker of the end of me as I know it, and the beginning of something I trust will be beautiful and awakening. In the past several months I have: travelled to Japan, weatherd an episode of extreme romanitc confusion, a break up, followed by some powerful make up sex (the likes of which have pretty intense results) and a restart that is sure to make for an intersting series of compromises. Next up: plan the wedding, get to the honeymoon, come homeand move to a bigger place, have a kid, and land a new job shortly after delivery during a hostile takeover of another rehab department. It should be an eventful year. I am looking forward to seeing the fellow buffalonians in september. Talk to you soon!
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08/12/05 11:31 - 75ºF - ID#22540

current events

Cold feet, warm belly
is it a boy or a girl? Either way,
we'll never be the same.
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06/03/05 02:44 - ID#22539


Ahhh, there it is, the eject button.I have found
what few people will never admit to want to follow.
I tell you all, it is real and it is fabulous.
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04/09/05 06:23 - ID#22538

next weekend -LA to Sedona

Friday departs the junior shark,
driving into the Arizona sun
with its stealthily stashed suitcase.
Goodbye H...
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02/22/05 10:59 - ID#22537

excerpts from the last 5 minutes

where is the duck?
The bliinking lisght is the signal that you have a message
sleep on time
go back to the beginning
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02/22/05 10:29 - ID#22536


Daydreams kiss me
like a listless butterfly that
landed on my neck
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