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OK so I live a few blocks from the beach in sunny santa monica. This I love about 11 1/2 months a year. But I'm once again missing Buffalo and the snow and lights that make the holidays festive. This is my first year not coming home for Christmas and I'm wrestling with anti-holiday monsters. With only a long weekend off work I wasn't feeling up for flying home with my big pregnant belly and my achy back. Unable to fit a Christmas tree in our little appartment we have resorted to hanging chili pepper lights on previous years, but now they don't work. The corn palm we decoreated last year is looking a bit to frail these days for any decoration, and finally the lights hung on the palm trees outside by our well-meaning neightbors are really looking... well, like a Floridian retirement village. It just doesn't do it for me. Fortunately we have a little "family" of good friends who will be here for the holidays to throw a dinner party and we can take the few days off work and get ready for our new little one who will be coming in march. So while smelling the salty ocean and missing out on the festivities, at least I can take comfort in knowing that back home you guys are enjoying the piney christmas scent, the crisp snow, the warm fire and no doubt some great holiday cocktails. So if you are out and about some day soon, please throw a snowball for me at your favorite (e:strip)per and I will be there in spirit.
:) Merry Christmas

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