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Buf visit & Codypomeray Bday

So I'm headed back to the Buf for a week at the end of this month with ze bebe Oliver. It will be his first taste of Buffalo and by that I mean the faint hint of beef on weck and chicken wing spice in my breast milk. Richie was gearing him up for the trip by initiating the father son ritual of beer drinking (for dad only) and Sabres hockey watching. Although, at 8 weeks Oliver is pretty much ameused at watching his own hand so I'm not sure if he's a die hard fan yet.
We'll be home Saturday May 27th through June 3rd then I'm back to work again--ugggh! Rich is steping up to the daddy plate and taking a 3 month paternity leave when I go back to work
he is super dad!
BIG OLD HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO CODYPOMERAY who celebrated his big 30 on May 5th. Damn I forgot to text you on your birthday - please attribute my absentmindedness to new mommy lack of sleep and expect that I will text you a toast for certain next year. I am drinking you a beer right now as a matter of fact. Here's to you, hope you have a year full of everything you don't yet know you are looknig for!
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