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07/26/04 02:07 - ID#22519

night sounds

Lmbs tangled, I lay still and listen
as after frolick breathlessness gives way to
the dozing rhythm of the lazy summer night
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Location: Santa Monica, CA

07/26/04 02:06 - ID#22518


soaring patiently
awaiting the collision
that ignites my definition of self
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07/22/04 10:40 - ID#22517

fundraising for AIDS project LA

I had fun at the buffalo bar crawl last week- nice to meet the (e:peeps). I love going home and tricking my body into believing I can still drink like I did in college!
So now I'm back in LA and very much stressing out a bit here. I've committed to raising $3000 by August 31st to benefit this organization APLA that helps people living with AIDS. (and running the marathon 26.2 miles is now the least of my worries)
Anybody have any fundraising ideas, or wealthy philanthropist family friends please email me!
Just in case anyone out there cares to make a diffence and help me help this community out please go to and click sponser a runner. That would be me: runner 4264, Deidre Siddons, currently training in Los Angeles. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH
By the way DrChlorine: in the local library picture: that was clearly an imposter, not the real haikuster!
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07/17/04 03:51 - ID#22516

buffalo visit

rainy rockstar thursday
I do indeed miss this place
and my wonderful cohorts

...I have a plethera of haikus just waiting to come out about my visit to Buffalo, however, I am still processing all of the events. More to follow

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07/14/04 12:10 - ID#22515


Sorry no haiku today. I'm feeling grumpy, uncreative and my tooth hurts. Vicodin take me away! I am anxiously awaiting the knock back of a few vodka tonics ASAP. I am very bad at ignoring pain but trying to stay positive. (I'm sure in about 20 minutes or so the Vics will very much help that)
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07/13/04 12:46 - ID#22514


glorious reckless abandon
lusty thwarts the lazy summer
buffalo bar crawl awaits!
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07/09/04 09:40 - ID#22513


pain, security, hope, naked frolicks, comfort,
fear, joy, contemplation, drunkeness:all imaginary
Being is all thats real
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07/01/04 10:55 - ID#22512

media vomit

media vomits opinion over the uneducated
idiocy? rationality?
two heads of the same beast
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07/01/04 10:51 - ID#22511

disheveled chaos: GWB effect

Absurdity gaths momentum
masses controlled by fear are
driven into disconnect

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