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10/23/04 07:33 - ID#22525


Just did my first 23 mile run and am awaiting the onset of severe soreness! But feelin pretty good for now. Next mission for today is the halloween costume. My boyfriend and about 10 others are meeting up in San Fran next weekend for the festivities. Twisted - if you are out that way and see the cast of Alice in Wonderland in the Castro come and say hello! I am the Hukah smoking purple caterpillar in the spectacles! Will be cavorting with the white rabbit, tweedle dee and dumb, a bunch of cards, the mad hatter and of course Alice! Whats happening on elmwood for Halloween anything special, I sure epeeps should be up to something fun! --Wish I was home, see you all for Thanksgiving!
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10/14/04 04:15 - ID#22524

So-Cal Lo-Cal

J3sse: I'll see what I can do. Also if you're serious about the Turkey trot I'm a way slow runner (about 10 minbute miles plus) so don't let the mileage scare you, join us if you wish. I'm also running with a friend who swears she hasn't jogged in about 6 months so no worries! Then you can gobble up as much turkey as you can eat later guilt free!
Hodown: Codypommeray is in your neck of the woods, and a very cool guy I might add, so sheck out his journal.
Stephenjames: yeah! I am rooting for you to move to the west side, much less hipster and more hippy-ster, very relaxing in a so-cal way. I am a huge fan, however I do admit it can present as a bit yuppied out as far as yoga moms walking their poodles go. Good luck with your roomate situation. If you are looking seriously to move to the westside, I have a friend who is looking to move by Novermber 1st and may need a roomate. (although I think he's toying with the idea of living solo after one of his own previously not-so-hot roomate experiences) He is definitely very cool and low maintenance. Check out his blog at: . I have a few seach codes for those housing assistance sites to share if you need. Let me know I can email them to you. I have one for westsidereantals and 4rentsinLA.
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10/14/04 01:24 - ID#22523


OK whats the TJ's 2 buck chuck of your choice? I'm headed back to Buffalo for thanksgiving. Who else is on the west cost besides StephenJames? Interesting how you can be simultaneously enjoying a Pacific Coast sunset on a warm fall evening and still be missing home. Looking forward to coming home soon!
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10/13/04 05:35 - ID#22522

out or in?

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
--Anais Nin

I'm contemplating this in conjunction with the endless opportunity and possibility for meeting new people in this city. Makes you wonder what your missing on those nights you stay home.
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