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06/18/04 09:33 - ID#22510

yet to come?

Spark of cells dividing
Robs her waist, fills her life
makes me feel empty inside
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Location: Santa Monica, CA

06/08/04 09:40 - ID#22509

missing buffalo

Missing buffalo:
drunken thursdays in the square
and summer "naked fridays"

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Location: Santa Monica, CA

06/08/04 09:33 - ID#22508

"Western Haiku's"

5-7-5? No way! In case anyone is counting, let me introduce you to my form or lack thereof. Jack Kerouac and Michael McClure and the SanFrancisco Poetry renaissance started the concept of "Western Haiku." (I tend use them as they are easier to write and are still a fun way to get the point across.)
The basic 5-7-5 syllabic requirements are chucked but I try to stick with the thematic guidelines of the Japaneese haiku as mastered by Basho, Buson, and Issa, namely:
1) Seasonal references (kigo) to establish time and place
2)The moment seized and rendered purely, captured in an instant of Buddhist (or Zen) enlightenment
3)Reflections of particular consciousness, or point of view of the author, his or her lonliness, comedy or anger.

If interested check out (my inspiration) the book: the haiku year. Written by Tom Gilroy, Grant Lee Phillips, Michael Stipe, Anna Grace, Jim mcKay, Douglas A Martin, and Rick Roth.
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06/08/04 09:20 - ID#22507

marriage that works

We plan on eloping
then moving into our very own
separate appartments

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Location: Santa Monica, CA

06/08/04 12:14 - ID#22506

dinner boobies

The fake nipples we drew
on Neil's shirt expanded
at the cleaners, horribly!
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Location: Santa Monica, CA

06/05/04 07:03 - ID#22505

AIDS marathon- please help if you can!

NOT a Haiku sorry just a note: I am fundraising for APLA (thats AIDS project Los Angeles) I am training to run the AIDS marathon in December. Anyone who cares to donate to this great cause please help me and them out! Your donation is tax deductible and will help people living with HIV and AIDS recieve the medical and community services they need to stay alive and maintain quailty of life while they are searcing for a cure! Email me (click link below to email haikuster) for more info or check out my website

OR go to:
If you want to donate on line please click on "sponser a runner", then choose "Los Angeles (training site) and enter my runner number: 4264

Thanks so much for your support! Also I'll be in buffalo July 15-20th so I hope a bunch of you go to the thursday in the square show to see spirit of the west! See you there!
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Location: Santa Monica, CA

06/05/04 06:52 - ID#22504


the water that tickles my toes
shakes hands with the ocean surrounding
your urban megatropolis
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Location: Santa Monica, CA

06/05/04 06:47 - ID#22503

road rage

Temperous highways
anger flares in those who forget
music kills raod rage!
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Location: Santa Monica, CA

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