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12/19/04 07:39 - ID#22533

Tom Robbins Books

OK so on that last journal apparently the whole underline process seemed to malfunction. The names of those books are: Diet for a New America, and The Food Revolution. Revolution is the most recent. Good stuff check it out.
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12/19/04 07:36 - ID#22532

December 19th in California

OK, sorry (e:strip)pers, I have to just say that for right now California rocks! I just got back from the beach and it was in the high 70's today. I can deal with the pretentious hipster-by-night but yuppie-by-day Santa Monicans for a bit longer if it means sunny beautiful december reading-at-the-beach days! I am still standing by my opinion that the christmas lights on palm tree theme is just completey wrong!

In other current haikuster events, I had just finished reading Tom Robbins type and his more recent book type . OK all of you vegans and vegeterians out there who never thought I'd eat my own words. Here goes, I am oficially dumping my card carrying carnivore lifestyle and trying to go veggie! This is pretty major news for me considering my previous affinity for flesh eating. I have read enough to convince me that it is the most healthy lifestlye alteration that one can undertake aside from quitting smoking and I'm gonna give it a shot. So Paul after all of those years of riddicule when you were vegan, your turn to say I told you so. I am curious now more than even why you turned back to eating meat. So anyone even reotely interested in learning the health benefits of such a choice should read the above books by Tom Robbins.

Looking forward to seeing ya'll soon!
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12/17/04 10:05 - ID#22531

Home again soon!

Hi eveyone, Its been a while. I've been running aroud Oahu and secret santa-ing in LA and next stop is home to Buffalo to surprise mi mum! See you all out somewhere I hope. I'm in town 12/23-12/30!
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12/17/04 10:02 - ID#22530

26.2 miles Finished it!

5 hours and 12 minutes!
Done! On to the next one!
LA marathon 3/6/04
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12/09/04 12:10 - ID#22529

Aloha ...

I fly off to Honolulu tomorrow for the marathon! Very psyched, very nervous. Please think some good thoughts and send some positive vibes my way on sunday morning anytime between 10am and 3pm buffalo time! If I don't make it home by next wednesday that means: HELP- I can't walk and I'm stuck on the beach with a Mai-Tai in my hand--feel free to fly out to Hawaii and rescue me. I'm planning on loafing at the Korean spa in K town next week then flying back to cold-a-lo for a surprise visit to me mommy. See you all again soon, I'll be around Xmas eve for a week or so. Aloha again but with the opposite meaning.
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