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06/03/05 02:44 - ID#22539


Ahhh, there it is, the eject button.I have found
what few people will never admit to want to follow.
I tell you all, it is real and it is fabulous.
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04/09/05 06:23 - ID#22538

next weekend -LA to Sedona

Friday departs the junior shark,
driving into the Arizona sun
with its stealthily stashed suitcase.
Goodbye H...
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02/22/05 10:59 - ID#22537

excerpts from the last 5 minutes

where is the duck?
The bliinking lisght is the signal that you have a message
sleep on time
go back to the beginning
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02/22/05 10:29 - ID#22536


Daydreams kiss me
like a listless butterfly that
landed on my neck
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01/30/05 06:28 - ID#22535


This week is an emotional rollercoaster with no eject button. The longest ride so far and I'm not sure wether that dark corner holds the edge of a cliff or a hot air balloon to launch me up and away.
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01/21/05 08:56 - ID#22534

surf abyss

Afloat on my minds tears
I surf into the dawn
of a difficult transition

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12/19/04 07:39 - ID#22533

Tom Robbins Books

OK so on that last journal apparently the whole underline process seemed to malfunction. The names of those books are: Diet for a New America, and The Food Revolution. Revolution is the most recent. Good stuff check it out.
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12/19/04 07:36 - ID#22532

December 19th in California

OK, sorry (e:strip)pers, I have to just say that for right now California rocks! I just got back from the beach and it was in the high 70's today. I can deal with the pretentious hipster-by-night but yuppie-by-day Santa Monicans for a bit longer if it means sunny beautiful december reading-at-the-beach days! I am still standing by my opinion that the christmas lights on palm tree theme is just completey wrong!

In other current haikuster events, I had just finished reading Tom Robbins type and his more recent book type . OK all of you vegans and vegeterians out there who never thought I'd eat my own words. Here goes, I am oficially dumping my card carrying carnivore lifestyle and trying to go veggie! This is pretty major news for me considering my previous affinity for flesh eating. I have read enough to convince me that it is the most healthy lifestlye alteration that one can undertake aside from quitting smoking and I'm gonna give it a shot. So Paul after all of those years of riddicule when you were vegan, your turn to say I told you so. I am curious now more than even why you turned back to eating meat. So anyone even reotely interested in learning the health benefits of such a choice should read the above books by Tom Robbins.

Looking forward to seeing ya'll soon!
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12/17/04 10:05 - ID#22531

Home again soon!

Hi eveyone, Its been a while. I've been running aroud Oahu and secret santa-ing in LA and next stop is home to Buffalo to surprise mi mum! See you all out somewhere I hope. I'm in town 12/23-12/30!
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12/17/04 10:02 - ID#22530

26.2 miles Finished it!

5 hours and 12 minutes!
Done! On to the next one!
LA marathon 3/6/04
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