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05/08/06 09:19 - ID#21420

gibber jabber

and here we are, jenks and myself standing on the other side of 30. Its not bad, doesn't really feel any different, at least i don't think so. Plus i have read a few articles that say 40 is the new 30, so taking that in to consideration, i, we are not much older than...well i will even be gracious...lets say 23. Honestly, most of the time i don't feel much older than that. by that i mean when i actually think about it. i feel like i just left college, and yet on the other hand it feels like a lifetime ago. there are a lot of "grown up" things i want, and that keep my head churning at a feverish pace when the street lights come on. a funny story about that. i stop at outback to chat with my buddy calvin about the upcoming week and any new developments on our key west trip. well this girl behind the bar, whom we are friends with and who just got engaged starts talking about buying houses. now i am sure that people are aware of the high prices for homes now adays. i have heard that even dear bufflao has seen a rapid increase in home prices. well homes down here are out of this world. this girl veeda, (sp?) is looking at starter homes that range from 585,000 to the mid 600,000. trying to wrap your brain around that can be nauseating. something like that makes me feel old, a bit panicky, nervous, and come to a realization that owning a home down here is going to be one hell of a difficult thing to do. things like this make me second guess some of my decisions. especially when it comes to employment. the financial advisor position that i have been offered, well not sure if i really want it. i have been on the fence for quite awhile now. on one hand it is a fantastic financial opportunity for me. on the other hand, is it really what i want to do? not sure. but i have to look at it in the sense of compromise, or trade offs. if i want to be able to build a life (ie. family, home) down here, which i do, i have to be able to earn a decent living. i would like to be abel to provide a comfortable life for my family. of course this is all thinking down the line, but sometimes you have to go and do that i guess. OR, i could move up to the catskills and start a homestead like commune. anyone down? well enough of this gloom, not so much gloom but serious gibberish. so yes a few of us guys are planning a trip to key west in october. it coincides with a fantasy fest which i heard is mardi gra in key west. i am excited, never been to florida. the only thing is the group of us going....well its a good thing its not a foreign country. Michael, Dan, Calvin and myself. 3 bartenders, and one former beer slinger. it should be quite memorable. well i am going to check out, yeah this one tailed of quick. sorry. hahaha
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