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07/01/04 09:41 - ID#21316

sea air afternoon

out of this window
i watch and i am watched
counting the gulls moving on i sit stil
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Location: Island Park, NY

07/01/04 09:39 - ID#21315

el nino

the breezes cross your cheeks
everyone scattered bout this land
my winds of discontent drift to the sea the mountains
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07/01/04 09:34 - ID#21314


awesome. this is great dee. I am codypomeray. its eric. hopefully we can get a whole lot of people on board with this idea. anyone else on here that i know?
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06/30/04 03:51 - ID#21312


take off your clothes
take out your eyes
your ears full of cotton
the soft drone of words unheard
unseen through endless
beatings and betrayls
our pricks, our cocks stiff
masts at full sail
hacked off, maimed
our cunts, filled with poisons
of man, of nations
the ruble of terror,
we stand before the doors
who the fuck unscrewed the jambs?
who the fuck unscrewed the doors?
broken noses, testament to the lie
they install in their own eyes
replacing our senses with
automaton regluarity, rigidity that
does not end in copulation
in orgasmic rushing hot liquid joy
no it ends in nites before plasma screens
of high definition tv's,
in a cold cup of victory gin and thoughts
of double speak,
in promises and hope dying
crusted on old socks and
dirty towels
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Location: Island Park, NY

06/30/04 03:46 - ID#21311


beneath the moon
mad burning fireflys
spark, contemplate seccession
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06/30/04 03:38 - ID#21310


neon beer signs invite
old eastern sadness of bridges and roads
grey eyes blind lead driving hearts
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Location: Island Park, NY



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