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Category: i have no car.

09/11/05 02:40 - ID#20614


just left (e:pmt)'s. am sososo tired and headachy. tomorrow should be painful.
it was fun though.

to all the (e:peeps) still going strong: DON'T SMOKE MY CIGARETTES THAT I LEFT!!!!!!! pleasepleaseplease i'm poor and unemployed and there was like, a whole pack PLUS a lighter!!!!

oh, and david's locked out in the cold cause timika's got his keys. yeah.
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Category: i have no car.

08/23/05 11:14 - ID#20603


hey if anyone's going to the get-together on friday at 1041 Elmwood, could i steal a ride? i'm sweet, cute, and can fit in most overhead storage compartments! i don't live far, but i don't fancy walking around elmwood in the dark... much love and the smoking of a bowl goes to to the (e:strip)pin' friend who wants to be my jeeves for the evening.
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