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Category: lack of pictures

03/22/07 11:01 - ID#38584

so sorry..

i have been working excessively since monday, haven't had the time to post the few party pics i took up. i promise i will, but its too late right now, so im going to bed. they aren't much, anyways. don't get your hopes up. seriously.

not to say that all of you werent a blast. i had a great time meeting those of you i had not beforehand and seeing the res i already knew. good times. just a busy week, thats all. aww, shit. thats right.. electric six is playing at the mohawk, tomorrow. well... i wont be posting the party pics tomorrow, either. but i may have some e6 pics by the time i do. anyone else going? maybe we can meet up. i know knife is going.
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