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10/15/04 11:34 - ID#36238

happy birthday!!!

from the simpsons..i appropriated ;)

mmmhmmm ....
sarah it's your birthday, god bless you this day
you gave me the gift of a good friend and i'm proud of you today!

sarah it's your birthday, happy birthday sarah x2

i wish you love and good will
i wish you peace and joy
i wish you better than your heart desires
and much much much much much more

sarah it's your birthday, happy birthday sarah x2

yeah~ :)


happy 21st!!!

today's also the day of our one yr anniversary of being friends!!!...yayyyy!


bubbles!..from the corner
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10/08/04 05:10 - ID#36237

do this do that

its funny how in one of my art classes, the teacher bosses me do one boss people around at creating art?....isn't art an expression of the individual?... not some text book print out with rules and what to do and what not to do.
So teacher! back off and stop telling me what to draw..i will get to it if you let me!

i just ignore him anyways

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10/02/04 11:03 - ID#36236


hey Matt, i thought you'd like this...even though i don't really get it...


ooo now i get it... ;)

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10/01/04 07:34 - ID#36235

korean food

hey! i ve been to the korean restaurant that Matt mentioned, the food is really yummy there...
for the past few weeks, i ve been kinda obesessed with korean food, the kim bobs and the curry bokum bobs, especially the kim bob at korean express right on UB campus, for 3.95, you can get a delicious asian meal full of asian nutrients!

and yes, I've made that mistake too; sticking my chopstick into my rice, and got yelled at by people. i guess it means once u stick the chopsticks in, it s a meal for the dead and the living is not allowed to touch it and disrespect the i 've heard.
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