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10/16/05 02:05 - ID#36265

birthday party!

the party was lots of fun! (e:hodown) came all the way from soaking nyc to celebrate! and i also met lots of cool (e:peeps)!
will post pics later...too much homework today...blehh
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10/12/05 06:39 - ID#36264


happy birthday to (e:southernyankee) and me! october 12th!! bad it was filled all day with classes
but we party on friday to make up the loss!
here's a walk down memory lane, this day last yr at (e:southernyankee) 's apt



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10/11/05 10:16 - ID#36263

coming up!!!

coming up!!!
all the libra girls! (e:lilho) (e:southernyankee) and me (e:tina)


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10/11/05 10:03 - ID#36262

rainer maria

tonight with (e:lilho) super excited!! and its also our birthday weeknd this week! too bad i have school and like 3 critiques on that very day!!! oh and shout out to (e:southernyankee) yay 0ctober 12th!!!
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