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06/25/04 05:33 - ID#36231

summer life

besides from sleeping and doing nothing else this summer i have been reading a lot...i used to read a lot when i was a kid but as i grow up i find myself unable to sit down and read a good book, if a book does not interest me right away, i will put it down and never look at it again...but due the abundance of time this summer, I've been reading at least 2 or 3 books a week...yes some are chessy agatha christie novels but i find myself enjoying reading again...i shall maintain this habit when i return to school!!! hopefully find time between 20 credits and maybe find a job next semester...
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06/08/04 05:42 - ID#36230

greetings from the far east

i feel bad that i couldn't be there to help you with ur moving!...(aka ur new step in life!)... and im sorry about the car accident?!
but u know i support you this soumds so cheesy...but i can't wait to go back to lovely buffalo..keep in touch email me or something
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06/06/04 05:17 - ID#36229

hey everybody

hello everybody...
my new entry in a while...been so busy in the foreign land so...i 'll try to update more but the computer is acting stupid

its so hot here i kinda miss the cold weather in buffalo...gasp!
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