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12/29/04 03:03 - ID#36244

77,000 and...

the number is still increasing, there are still tens of thousands still missing.

hard to even think that this is happening right now at the other side of the globe.

the death toll just blows my mind


A girl in one of my art classes is from Jakarta, Indonesia, and i hope her and her family is alright

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12/23/04 05:36 - ID#36243

cough cough...

...sick in the L.I. while lilho is sun tanning in beautiful arizona~ as for the rest of you in of luck

ii can't believe that nobody is listening to BEA ARTHUR on elmwoodradio! ...

Southernyankee is visiting! and i m not gonna be there for it :( ...
guess I'll see ya at camping ;)
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12/03/04 08:56 - ID#36242

goodbye lenin

saw goodbye lenin...a purty good movie

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