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04/24/04 02:23 - ID#36217


I had a hole in my shirt...
I took out my dollar sewing kit and put the thread through the needle...
and all of the sudden this action reminded me when i was younger, my grandma would always ask me to help her put the thread through the tiny hole of the needle...
she said she'd only ask me to do it cause she knows i'll be able complete the task right away...
it's a stupid little thing but it just brought back memories...oh grandma~how i've missed you...
March 17, 2003
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04/24/04 01:02 - ID#36216

i'm sorry~


i'm sorry, i got the giggles and i can't control it, plus the wheezing sound effect just made it worse...

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04/21/04 05:07 - ID#36215

goodbye buffalo

As of today, there's only 4 days of school this year went by fast and it's almost time to say goodbye to pretty and warm buffalo, I shall see you again next winter~


It's a shame that the kids who goes to school in Buffalo but do not live here will miss out on all the fun and exciting activities that happen in the summer. Their main impression of Buffalo will mostly be the dirty snow,tim hortons, and the torturous coldness.
Sadly, I am one of those kids who will miss out on all the fun... as several people informed me these past few weeks...

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04/19/04 10:58 - ID#36214


we had this discussion last week as we looked up the "before and after" photos posted online of the "contestants" on The Swan
tonight i watched the show for the first time, and boy! what a show!
these people are already insecure about themselves in the first place, but to be ridiculed and examined by these cyborg looking "fabulous experts" on prime time national tv is just plain cruel. one of the new contestants is a 40 year old mother that suffers from self esteem issues; the "new me" is supposedly her chance to a new life.
now the "experts" wants to give the 40 year old a "must needed" face lift and nose bump removal,even though she disagrees. apparently the plastic surgeon is disappointed with her decision to keep her nose bump that's a trait in the family.
the funny thing is that there is also a therapist (Dr. Yanni?!) whos a professional consultant on the show.
She blatanly advised the contestants to work whatever anger they have towards the process into their fitness plan...nice suggestion.
"can this 40 year old pull it all together to make it into the pageant?"


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04/18/04 11:19 - ID#36213

i like gum very much


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04/07/04 01:45 - ID#36212

a night of fun


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04/07/04 01:39 - ID#36211

happy brownies

party was fun...learned how to play the exciting spoon game...ate lots of delicious happy brownies~
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04/01/04 12:52 - ID#36210

Starbucks is taking over the world!

Starbucks at the Great Wall of China...

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